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A quest to conquer an ever growing backlog of games.

The Backlog Odyssey started so many years ago as this fun little idea to help keep this pair of married gamers on task when it came to playing all the games we’ve collected over the years. The idea was to pick a game from our ever growing backlog, play it, and then write about the experience.

Since then that fun, little, quirky idea has grown exponentially into something that has become a huge part of our daily lives, and to be honest we’re still growing! We’re constantly discussing ideas for new features, content refinement, and ways to improve the website in general.

These days our original idea has expanded into not only writing about games currently in our backlog, but also all the amazing modern titles being released as well. With our primary focus being on indie since that’s really where our passions lie. Most notably when it comes to shining a light on fantastic up and coming games, and their developers. Of course, we can’t always resist those fancy AAA titles either, so you might see one pop up here and there, especially those age old franchises that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Our excitement for gaming genuinely runs deep within our souls after all.

We’re a small but mighty team of two here at the Backlog Odyssey, but our community of loyal readers grows every day. Truly, there aren’t enough words to express how much we love being able to produce content that people enjoy. While we don’t think we’ll ever reach a state of perfection with our project, we will always strive for a consistent state of honesty and reliability for those who choose to find information, entertainment, and comfort from our content.


Variety is the spice of life and we aim to keep the Backlog Odyssey as spicy as possible to tickle gaming tastebuds of all kinds. Not only do we cover a wide variety of games and genres but we have a whole host of features available to find exactly what you’re looking for and maybe a few things you didn’t even know you wanted!


These are our standard reviews. One of us will talk about our experience with a particular game and let you know, from our humble and honest standpoint of course, if we think the game is worth your time and money in its current state.

Now these reviews themselves also get broken down into various categories by those cute little boxes you’ll see right at the top of our thumbnails. So before you jump in you can know if the review is covering a standard game, a visual novel, a demo, an early access game, etc. And as time goes, we’ll be adding more!


You’ll get a double dose of review goodness from our Twosomes as we both write about our experiences in this case. While our opinions don’t always clash, we’ve found that we both tend to bring different flavors to the table, when it comes to a game we’ve spent time playing together. Patrick really thrives when writing about the technical side, while Charleen is all about those aesthetics.


Some things are just better spoken than written, so that’s exactly what we do with our podcast. Every two weeks (during a season) a new episode is released where we talk about our shared gaming experiences in different ways. Things always get wild when you get us in a room together talking about the best of times, and the worst, when it comes to playing video games! Occasionally we’ll wander off the seasonal theme and put out a review podcast episode as well.


Here you’ll find our buddy Buck Club Bill on the hunt for great games that won’t break the bank! A top notch gaming experience doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg after all, in fact with this feature all the games we cover won’t set you back any more than a fiver. This includes games on sale, deals, or MSRP. Looking for something inexpensive? Buck Club Bill will be right on the thumbnail to let you know if this game is worth your spare change!


Here at the Backlog Odyssey we like to offer a little taste of everything and that even includes making video game inspired recipes for your tasting pleasure! Sometimes we love the games we play so much we get culinary inspiration too. Fancy cocktails, dinner ideas, and even some tasty desserts all influenced by some top tier games.


What is gaming without a heavy dose of nostalgia? Great memories and great games go hand in hand without a doubt and between the two of us we have plenty of gaming good times to talk about. In this feature you’ll find us reminiscing about anything from a particular series of video games, to a certain genre, or even a single console. Anything we hold near and dear to our hearts!


The reviews you’ll find labeled After Dark are really just like most of our other reviews, with all the shenanigans you’re used to from us, but with a whole lot more nudity! These reviews leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to finding the best of the best NSFW games. Our handy dandy gauges will let you know what to expect before you even click into the review itself. The gauges will indicate how much adult content you’ll potentially encounter within the game as well as how explicit that content gets.


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