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After Dark Foreplay | Cloud Meadow

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Level 3

Sometimes people get lucky enough while setting out on a first date that right from the get-go they know that this person, sitting across from them, is the One. Putting in that extra effort to make things work is easy breezy because you know whatever comes next is more than  worth the wait. 

We wined and dined Cloud Meadow recently and let me tell you, that was one heck of a first date! So good we moved on to a second, third, and a fourth and were still clamoring for more! In the land of NSFW video games Cloud Meadow is prime marriage material and we’re in it for the long haul! Here’s why:

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This NSFW farming/RPG extravaganza lands at a clean Level 3 for the level of adult content you can expect to encounter. While there isn’t much (yet) for actual mechanics involving sex, there is a whole lot of full nudity, as well as some super steamy animated scenes.

As for the type of adult content you’ll encounter thus far, Cloud Meadow hits at about 60%. You play as a human (male, female, or non-binary) and while there are a few other humans here and there, for the most part, the colorful characters you’ll be presented with are humanoid with animal/monster characteristics. Also, the kink factor is on the high end as some of the potential pairings are with your domesticated farm monsters, though all sex seems to be consensual regardless.

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Honestly, the entire game is loaded with things worth shouting from the rooftops about. The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack is a banger and surprisingly serene, the gameplay is solid, the story is rich and intriguing, etc. If there was one thing however, that makes Cloud Meadow a cut above the rest, it’s its mind blowing cast of characters! Even in its early access state there are so gosh darn many. Each and every one of them, even the less prominent side characters, have such unique and distinct personalities, not to mention them all having a variety of  styles when it comes to their designs. There are whispers of an artbook in the works and I honestly hope it’s something in the style of those Monster Girl encyclopedia books because the backstories of these people are a must know!  

As with any game we cover that’s still in development, any complaints we may have are really just things we imagine/hope will be sorted out in the future. For now though, the only real complaint we have with Cloud Meadow is the wonky controller support. It’s an easy enough game to sit at your computer and play with a keyboard and mouse, but if you want to chill on the couch with your significant other and play this game together, the controller support is not all there just yet. Currently the button remapping is a bit of a nightmare and it’s something we’re really hoping to see get refined at some point.

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In the game’s current state, at least with the version we played that’s currently available on Steam, there is about ten hours of solid gameplay. Obviously you can play as much as you want as the game doesn’t cut you off after you’ve reached a certain point and there are a ton of side things to do that will expand on that time, but in regards to the story itself, that’s about what you’ll get before you hit a wall. So, there’s more than enough gameplay to experience and should give you a good idea of what to expect from the completed game when it becomes available. The current price on Steam is $20 and well worth it for what you are given and for what is no doubt to come.

There wasn’t anything that came right out and said “not finished yet” or “incomplete” that you could encounter, but it was obvious there were some features missing, like being able to casually talk to people around the town, outside of the necessary story bits. The romance portions aren’t really filled in yet either. You can ask questions to gain insight into the character, but you aren’t given any way to act on them just yet. It was still fun getting to learn a bit about each potential partner’s personality though.

As for the NSFW parts of this game there isn’t much gameplay-wise just yet. You can breed the “animals” in your barn however you please and there will be little in-game pixelated animations of the pair “plowing the fields” as it were. You can also breed with your barn buddies and there are more detailed animations to see for that. Some of the enemies you fight will be completely nude either in battle or during dialogue sequences. However, there is a gallery you can access that will have all the protagonists’ pairings with a few of the romance choices. These are detailed, up close, and fully animated. Just enough of a tease to make you really excited to earn them in-game eventually!

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Once Cloud Meadow hits its full release it’ll be well worth whatever price Team Nimbus decides to put on it. From what we’ve experienced so far it’s shaping up to be a real masterpiece. A game we’d gladly recommend even to people not usually into NSFW games. It’s just that good. We will absolutely be back with a full impressions write up and you can be sure we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how this game takes shape over the coming months/years. 

In the meantime if you’d like to dive into a ménage à trois between you, Cloud Meadow, and a whole lot of blissful gaming you can find it on Steam right here. Also, if you’d like to follow the development of this NSFW diamond in the making, you can check out Team Nimbus’ Patreon page!

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