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After Dark Foreplay | Come Closer VR

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Level 4

Virtual reality has really come a long way in the past few years, especially within the gaming industry. Putting on one of those VR headsets and booting up a game really adds in that extra sense of immersion that every gamer craves. Ghosts can whisper in your ear while exploring dark, haunted locations with your friends. You can reach out with your own hands to give your cute dino pet a head pat. You can even get a full body workout by swinging and dodging visual cues in a rhythm game.

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the NSFW gaming community stepped in and tried their own hand at a bit of realistic and interactive gameplay. Come Closer is one such game and appears to be just one in a burgeoning category of upcoming VR sex simulators. Here’s how we fared with our first foray into virtual hanky-panky.

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Come Closer gets our first ever Level 4 among our After Dark reviews. There is nothing left to the imagination here and sex is the main mechanic. There’s full nudity, penetration, and since it is a VR game the sex is fully interactive. Which is why the level of adult content also gets a bit of a boost at 45%. The girls are all ready and willing, with some even stating they have a romantic relationship with the player, so everything is completely consensual. There are a few toys available for you to use however, but nothing too wild. That said, we did bump up the percentage a bit as the sex is immersive and you need to physically move your body, or at least the VR controller, in order to articulate your avatar’s penis and hands.

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The concept itself, while not entirely unique, is probably the most notable part of the game thus far. There is a lot of room for content expansion with regards to the variety of partners you can have relations with, as well as the scenarios and locations. Truly the sky’s the limit. That being said though, what was there to play so far, even in the paid build of the game, needs a great deal of work to be functional, let alone sexy.  

The idea of putting the controller in your pocket or the waistband of your pants so you could move your body in turn with the in-game avatar’s body is really cool and innovative, but it only really works in theory, at least with Come Closer. Since the girls are stationary, and everything acts like it’s made of rubber, getting into position can be a bit of a challenge, to the point that it’s uncomfortable for the player to play as intended. We ended up just moving the controllers around in our hands to test things out and while that worked it’s just not how the game was intended to be played, for the most part.

If you can get those positions down however, the girls will occasionally move on their own to simulate participation, but I’ll be damned if we could figure out what triggered them to start. Maybe our constant struggling turned them off – who knows!?

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There are a few different builds of the game available right now. Most are just for particular devices and some are paid versus free. We tested the free demo on our Oculus Quest 2, as well as the second tier, fully uncensored build available on Patreon. The free demo gives you access to one girl and a basic apartment area. There are three or four different areas to have sex together and each place offeres it’s own unique positions to try out. The paid version, on the other hand, came with an extra girl along with her prospective scenario.

The biggest difference between the free demo and the build found on Patreon, aside from being uncensored, is the inclusion of some dialogue with the second character, and the addition of some sex toys to spice up your encounters. Nothing too special as of yet, just a few different dildos and a butt plug, but it’s good to see the devs trying to add variety to the mix. My only complaint with them is that they were hard to handle, and they didn’t move as the girl moved. So if she changed positions they would just be floating there and you’d have to reposition them or put them back on the table.

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As I mentioned earlier, the game still seems to have a long way to go in terms of functioning efficiently, but the bones of a great NSFW game are definitely there. Since it’s still in very early development it’s hard to gripe on it too much, but in future updates or the final release, some things we really hope to see improved upon are smoother controls for sure. Really, making the controller in the pocket thing work as intended would be a huge step because honestly it’s a really neat feature! Also, a lot of the positions that the girls take make their bodies pretty inaccessible and only serve to enhance the already awkward controls.

At this point I’m not entirely sure the paid version is really worth it.  Personally, I’d hold off for a solid future update where more of the kinks have been worked out and some of the mechanics have been streamlined. That said, we’re definitely curious to see where the devs take this game in terms of additional content, but for now it’s going on the waitlist. 

If you are interested in checking Come Closer out for yourself or would just like to throw the devs some support you can visit the Come Closer Patreon Page for more information.

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