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After Dark Foreplay | Last Devil

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Level 2

Demon King Kuro has a lot riding on his shoulders. Not only is he the last remaining devil, but now he is compelled to leave the safety of his throne room (and the supple side of his right-hand maid), to fend off the forces that threaten to wipe his kind from existence. To do that he’ll need to scour the surrounding territories and recruit their leaders to fight for his cause, either by force or through the satisfaction of their deepest temptations.

Last Devil from Sand Traveler and Mango Party has you fighting tooth, nail, and kink in their lewd action rogue-like, where surviving means a happy ending, and this is how we fared!

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Despite Last Devil being an adult game, its primary focus is on its moment to moment gameplay which revolves around you running, gunning, and fighting enemies. That said, outside of the standard gameplay there are instances where you can unlock various sex scenes. However, because they are not interactive and do not really affect gameplay in any way, we landed on a Level 2 for the amount of adult content in this game.

When it comes to the type of content you’ll encounter, nothing stood out as being too kinky or too far outside of the realm of “normal” sex. Short of maybe a few sex toys here and there, maybe some light dirty talk, and a couple scenes that portrayed male impregnation. That said, the characters you do have relations with are demi-humans that range from a gender-fluid elf, a female wolf, and a goblin (that isn’t present in this build just yet) so we bumped our score up a little bit. Especially since those relations could at times be of dubious consent. Ultimately leaving us at about 55%.

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At its heart Last Devil is a run-based rogue-like. Which means during each run you’ll be trying to survive as long as possible all the while collecting temporary upgrades that will, depending on your choices, make that run easier. There are more permanent upgrades you can attain as well by purchasing them from your maid between runs, or by recruiting any of the area bosses. However, what really had me coming back for more was discovering all of the different abilities you could obtain during a run and figuring out which combinations worked best! Since your attacks are somewhat magic based, it also meant that these upgrades had a lot of variety and some really interesting effects! You saw the standard things like increased attack range, increased attack frequency, and more fireballs, but also fun additions like adding lightning or poison to your weapon! All combining in different ways to make a truly exciting and dynamic experience.

Nonetheless, I did have a couple minor gripes that bogged down my playthrough a bit. The first being your currency and the rate at which you gain it. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the system itself, you basically gain it by defeating enemies, it never seems like you get enough of it per run to do everything you want. Outside of just upgrading your character’s stats, everything else you can buy, whether it’s temporary bonuses during a run, paying to have one of your companions come along with you, or purchasing permanent equipment, all of it seems to be too expensive! Which ultimately forces you to make a choice, and the latter doesn’t always feel worth the price. Doubly so because those perks are just temporary too. This can obviously be solved by grinding so you have a ton of money, but I’m not exactly a fan of that idea. Instead I think adjusting the prices just a tad would allow you to do at least a bit of both, make the sting of the temporary nature of it hurt less, and it would speed up progression as well. 

Finally, and this might be personal preference, but the control scheme didn’t really do it for me. While you can do everything you need with the keyboard and mouse, maneuvering with the keyboard never feels as precise as it needs to be, and aiming your attacks with the mouse cursor means it’s easy to lose track of where you’re facing. Especially when it starts getting hectic. This also prevents the use of a controller, or at least makes it much harder than it needs to be. Honestly, it feels like it would be the ideal way to play. You know, twin-stick style!

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Since Last Devil is still in early access on Steam, that means there’s still more content to come, but as of the writing of this review, there was more than enough substance to give us a great idea of what the game will be like once it’s completed. In addition to the throne room hub, there are two separate areas to explore, with a third on the way. Each broken out into 30+ individual randomly generated stages that’ll have you fighting a variety of enemies, collecting power ups, and purchasing upgrades. If you’re able to make it to the end of either of these areas you’ll fight one of the two available bosses and if you defeat them, you can recruit them. Which is where the adult content comes into play.

When you defeat a primary boss you are rewarded with an initial sex scene, replayable either in their quarters or by replaying the area you found them in and defeating them again. Once recruited you’re also able to level them up by giving them gifts, like whips, armor pieces, or butt plugs, that you’ll find while, again, replaying the area you fought that particular boss. The benefit of leveling up your companions is unlocking additional sex scenes. Of which there are 5 total per character. Though right now, Kayla the wolf, only has 2 of her 5 available. Sleeping with either of your companions has the added benefit of healing you completely and a nice temporary stat increase for your next run.

In addition to the standard areas, once you are able to complete them, you’ll unlock Hell Mode for that area. Which will increase its difficulty, length, and the drop rate of items/currency. Meaning it’s a great way to gather the money you need to level up yourself and your companions. If you’re up for the challenge of course!

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Although we weren’t able to play the final area, or interact with the last character, what we were able to play so far in Last Devil made us excited to see how the game will conclude, and did a fantastic job of showcasing its potential. Which honestly makes it an easy recommendation. You know, if you’re cool with it still needing a bit of work. We did have a few gripes, but none really deterred us from enjoying the game, and with the addition of the final content it’ll only become a better experience. The best part is, the projected full release is coming relatively soon, so until then we’ll be waiting with baited breath!

If you’d like to try Last Devil out for yourself you can find it in Early Access on Steam, right now!

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