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After Dark Foreplay | Melting Point

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Level 1

We don’t cover a lot of hot and steamy romance titles here on Backlog After Dark, so we figured why not go all in and cover the hottest of them all! Seriously, the girls in this one are literally melting… from your affection! Also because they are all made of various metals and are under siege by a malevolent force of evil furnace monsters, but still definitely your affection too!

The devs over at AstroKaen have released a demo for their hybrid turn-based/dating sim mix Melting Point, so we figured it was perfectly forged for a Foreplay review. But did this metal maiden filled sneak peek fire-up our fascination or incinerate our interest? Here’s how we hammered out the details:

Now, this rating only applies to the version of the demo we were given access to and we’re sure the full game will undoubtedly rank higher on our gauges once it’s fully released, but in this case the adult content was pretty minimal. 

Because of this the Melting Point demo lands somewhere between a Level 1 and 2. In the end however, Level 1 seemed to be the best fit. While there is full nudity focused primarily on the female lead, it’s certainly not explicit and is obscured, for the most part, once Mr. Blacksmith gets “hands on” as it were. Also, while there were sexual acts there was no actual intercourse, so a Level 1 felt the most accurate in regards to the content we experienced.

On the other hand, the second gauge ended up at an even 10% and that’s mainly because the adult content is all very romanticized and completely consensual. Other than your partner being a girl made of metal, as well as an alien, she looks almost completely humanoid and we didn’t encounter anything of a kinky nature.

The most exciting and unique aspect of this game is of course those metal beauties. The fact that you can heal them by using your blacksmith techniques makes for a very interesting and slightly naughty experience. The mini game where you reforge and polish Tin’s broken body parts was really fun and is really reminiscent of those touch/tap mini games seen in Gal Gun and Moero Chronicles. Functionality and a bit of naughtiness are a perfect pairing as far as we’re concerned!

The writing seems charming, yet concise. There was a lot of dialogue but none of it seemed to really drag on needlessly. The explanations for the various mechanics were short and to the point which was definitely appreciated.

The fact that there are battles and other minigames really breaks up the typical monotony associated with visual novels as well. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to experience more however, as there was only one short battle and one instance where Tin needed repairs. Both of these were replayable, but were simple enough that we didn’t really see a need.

The artwork is fantastically colorful and cute. There were only a few backgrounds during the dialogue scenes and the only girl we got to see was Tin, but we did get a look at the Furna monsters which are no doubt going to add some spice to this game later on! Tin’s design is lovely but it is unfortunate that when she gets close up, something she does often, her sprite doesn’t scale cleanly and she becomes blurry and pixelated, most likely due to the original resolution of the assets. The game is still in production though so hopefully that’s a detail that gets ironed out eventually.  

The demo consisted of the story prologue and then the first four dates with Tin. Really there was just story dialogue with a small taste of each of the game’s alternate mechanics. More examples of each would have been nice of course, but the demo definitely did its job in showing the basics of the game while drawing the player in just enough to make you curious to see what happens next.

The dates focused on you and Tin getting to know each other better through conversation and making the appropriate dialogue choices. Not all the choices were straightforward and we definitely chose the wrong one a few times resulting in a scolding from Tin. Nonetheless, by the fourth date you’ve successfully charmed your alloy ally into wanting to try some naughty business and though she does have some reservations she’s more than willing to take that next step with you. Mr. Blacksmith is only seen via a disembodied hand and for the most part the sexy stuff is merely described so nothing too explicit just yet. That’s being saved for the full game I suspect.

While I think this demo felt like a little bit too much of a tease with certain aspects, that’s not to say it didn’t leave us absolutely champing at the bit to see what comes next. What will the other metal ladies look like? What abilities and personalities does the full game have in store for us? Will we be able to defeat those infernal Furna?! All questions we are very much looking forward to seeing the answer to!

If you’d like to give this demo a try for yourself you can find the version we played on Melting Point’s Itch.io page or if you’d like to keep tabs on the game’s production and/or support the devs, then check out AstroKaen’s Patreon page!

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