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After Dark Foreplay | Space Rescue: Code Pink

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Level 3

Strap on your moonboots and grab your freeze-dried ice cream because this time around, we’re blasting off on a sexy intergalactic adventure with Space Rescue: Code Pink. The out-of-this-world devs over at Moonfish Games have released a stellar sneak peek into their current project and it’s one we’ve had our eye on for a long time!

The story takes place on a “Rescue and Relax” space vessel that helps out stranded fellow cosmic travelers. You play as Keen, the ship’s mechanic, who is new to the job and eager to please his shipmates as best he can. As luck would have it, this crew filled with coquettish colleagues have plenty of things in mind to keep him busy! Here’s how we fared with Keen’s first foray into a world of ribald repairs and salacious situations.

The version of Space Rescue: Code Pink that we played is still in early development so there were only a few story routes that we were able to explore and could get to the point of reaching a naughty rendezvous. With that said, that’s what we’ll be basing our gauge scores off of at this time. Once the game is fully released we’ll most definitely come back and alter them accordingly.

The level of adult content lands squarely on a 3. There’s full nudity and penetration, and although the sex itself is not an interactive part of the game, it’s still a prominent part of the experience. You go through various dialogue scenes with each crewmate where they’ll ask for help with a particular task. As you complete their requests the final scenario will typically be another dialogue sequence that rewards you with a still shot or partially animated scene depicting the sexual encounter of the lady’s choosing.

So, that also tallies the second gauge up to about 25% for the type of adult content. All the sex is romanticized and completely consensual. The dialogue doesn’t suggest that the ladies are interested in a romantic relationship with Keen but there’s definitely relationship building between both parties that leads to sex. The reason the gauge is a little higher than usual for adult content like this is because there is some non-human kink involved when it comes to Sophie’s story line.

One of the things that really stood out in Space Rescue: Code Pink was the refreshing reversal of roles for the characters. Usually these types of games have the main character trying to do whatever they can to woo their partner of choice into “hopping on the good foot and do the bad thing”, as it were, but in this case all the ladies of the crew seem to be the ones doing the wooing. Keen is bashful and polite and maybe a bit naïve even in his encounters with each of his shipmates. They will flirt and tease the poor guy into a stupor but he never takes the initiative. There’s something terribly adorable (and not gonna lie, pretty hot too) about how it’s not until they are pretty much naked that it sinks in with Keen what their intentions are.

The artwork is notably unique as well and it’s nice to get examples of non-anime-styled artwork that’s still incredibly well done and sexy as hell. Everything is bright and colorful, with a gorgeous aesthetic unlike anything else we’ve encountered on the NSFW game market thus far. There is a nice variety of ladies all sporting unique personalities and appearances. It was exciting to learn that not all of them will be human. Variety is the spice of life after all and we like it spicy!

To be honest the hardest part about playing this version of the game is simply that it isn’t finished. You get quite invested in particular scenarios only to hit the dreaded “Still under construction” screen and become immeasurably devastated that you now have to wait to see how it plays out. Certainly not a bad thing to have people champing at the bit to see more of your game though! The only problem we found with this type of setup is that we had no idea when we were done. Once all available story avenues have been explored a pop up screen, much like the “still under construction” ones would have been nice to have. That way you’d at least know you were done for now. With the way the game plays out it’s easy to just assume you’ve missed something and continue to check every avenue only to find there is no further progression available.

All in all, I’d say this first look is a good representation of what we can expect from the rest of the game. Though the experience wasn’t really a stand alone one, I think it’s safe to say that the content we were given access to is more than enough for us to have full confidence in the game’s quality.. Especially as it gets updated with exciting new content, and as it gets closer to a full release.

To be fair Space Rescue: Code Pink has been on our wishlist for quite some time, but otherwise we would be smashing that wishlist button on Steam with gusto. We enjoyed our time with this game wholeheartedly and it will without question be an insta-buy once it’s been let loose upon the world in all its lascivious deep space glory.

If you’re interested in checking out Space Rescue: Code Pink, you can dive into its early access release on Steam! You can also support the Space Rescue: Code Pink’s development by checking out the game’s Patreon page!

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