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After Dark Foreplay | Third Crisis

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Level 3

First name: Jenna. Code name: Vibe. Occupation: Heroic Badass. Jenna’s daily life consists of kicking bad guy butt and then going home to her loving girlfriend. Not a bad life all things considered, but when a mission goes awry and Jenna’s beloved gets kidnapped, well there’s only one thing to do! Get thrashed by the bad guys and end up getting stranded in some sex crazed dystopian town to plan your rescue mission.

Yep that’s definitely not ideal but Jenna is willing to do whatever she has to in order to save her girlfriend, even if that means kissing as many butts as she kicks.

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Third Crisis from Anduo is such a heavy hitter in the gauge department that we really had to put our heads together in order to land on point values that made us feel confident. The level of adult content gauge was simple enough since a level 3 just means that there is a great deal of adult content in the game, along with full nudity and some interactive sex mechanics.

The type of adult content on the other hand was much more difficult to quantify since there is such a wide breadth available, both within the game itself and viewable/replayable outside the main game. In the end we landed on 85% since the prevalent theme (in the current build of the game) is very maledom and degradation centric. With so many non-consensual incidents, demeaning language, bondage, and cases of manipulation and humiliation, we felt that this score was more than fair and serves as a decent warning for those not comfortable with those types of situations.

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The most notable thing Third Crisis has to offer is hands down the artwork. Not only with its exceptional quality, but also with its sheer quantity within the game. With even more allegedly still on the way! While a good portion of the character portraits are still missing from the game the ones we did get to see are extremely well done with lots of detail and fun personality. Even with all the plethora of outfits you can collect for Jenna, her character model will show them in full, and in any combination. Very impressive stuff!

Although the story itself is quite robust, the gameplay doesn’t shine quite as bright as its counterparts. First of all the game starts out very slow, almost to the point of feeling discouraging. You’re initially drip fed money and perversion points needed to complete other tasks, which means you’re locked out of participating in them. However once you reach a certain level then all of those options start opening up  and you’ll be making money and points hand over fist. That said, getting there will seem almost impossible at first. 

Also, there weren’t as many tactic-style battles as I assumed there would be for a game labeled as such, and those we did encounter were fairly bare bones with each character having very similar moves with subtle differences. The rest of the gameplay mostly involves completing small tasks and exploring your surroundings. Some of the tasks were a little rinse and repeat unfortunately and just ended up feeling like unnecessary filler. Nonetheless, the game is still being worked on, so a few bumps are to be expected.

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You can expect a solid amount of content in the current build for what you pay, and more on the way. The game is updated quite frequently and purported to be finished sometime this year (2022). You get to see a few story arcs and lots of different environments. The is an absolute mountain of things to collect from pin-up pictures, animated cutscenes, and clothing items for Jenna. As I mentioned earlier there is still art missing and obviously still some story/gameplay yet to be finished, but what is there is all well done and only serves to make me feel more excited as to what everything will look like once added in and completed.

This game functions a lot like a typical adventure/RPG type game but most of the leveling up and exploration revolves around some form of naughty business. That’s where things start to get dicey (or at least they did for me). While you are given the choice to involve Jenna in many of the sexual situations, she doesn’t really want anything to do with any of it. She is drugged upon entering the town and then her mind will have an inner quarrel trying to justify why she said yes to cheating on her kidnapped partner. This quarrel will eventually fade if you make those decisions often enough to the point where she becomes a straight up sex slave ready for anything. Which is ok-ish as it’s a means to an end. We are playing a NSFW game after all and logic as well as a moral compass has to be somewhat suspended.

The problem I have arises when you are punished or straight up blocked from gameplay for making the “pure” choice”. To the point that Jenna’s constant abuse and manipulation gets downright disconcerting no matter the combination of choices you make. This game heavily leans into domination and degradation and I personally don’t find that sexy, or fun for that matter. Which is a shame given the quality of artwork and animation within the game. Honestly, there is a ton of potential for some really hot stuff but by the time you get to it you feel so bad for Jenna that it becomes hard to watch let alone feel aroused by.

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When it comes to the finished game I think I will have a hard time going back unless there is some sort of balancing done between Jenna just ending up feeling punished no matter what choices you make. Though maybe this is a case of the game just not being for me. I’m fine with that too! It doesn’t mean I won’t recommend it to others by any means, but I will give fair warning. Given the game is still in Early Access I have hope for a more balanced end product but, if not, it was still undeniably something that a great deal of work was put into. Personal preferences aside I think if you are interested then it’s a game more than worth your money and time. The only thing I ask of the devs at the very least is for someone in the game to steal Klaus’s dick and microwave it on high. Much love. Thanks a bunch! XD

If you would like to take Third Crisis for a test drive then you can find a free demo currently on Steam, or buy into the Early Access version on Steam as well.

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