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After Dark Impressions | Mutant Alley: Do the Dinosaur

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Close your eyes and picture your perfect sex partner. Did you do it? What did you imagine? Was it a 10 foot tall, anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex in a red Speedo and fishnets? It was!? Well what a coincidence, because boy do I have the game for you!! ’.

Welcome to Mutant Alley! Where the aforementioned dinoman is an ex-soldier leftover from the last intergalactic war. A biomutant project was used to create the roughest and toughest military this side of the Milky Way. Now that the war is over he has nothing left to do but be the roughest and toughest prostitute and you’re his newest customer. However, did this tough talking reptile give us service with a smile, or were we left filling out nothing but a customer complaint card?

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Mutant Alley: Do the Dinosaur ranks pretty high as a level 4. Sex is 100% the main focus, so nothing is left to the imagination meaning there’s  full nudity and penetration, as well as a few other things that’ll leave your mouth agape. When it comes to the amount of adult content, it also ranks fairly high with a whopping 65% on the gauges. Since your one and only sex partner is an enourmous anthropomorphic t-rex with whom you are paying for sex, we bumped the rating up above 50% to account for the kink and fetish factors.

Also, this game comes with VR capabilities that will absolutely intensify your experience with the positively behemoth dinoman. That aside, there are scenes that involve dirty talk as well as mild domination, and urinating. That said, everything is understood to be consensual between both parties. Cumshots, sex toys, outfits, you name it, this game is a full package of NSFW.

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We are constantly on the hunt for new or overlooked NSFW games to try out and Mutant Alley stood out among the ones we’ve had our eye on for a very long time. It’s also not often we can find specifically gay centric adult games that are of such seemingly high quality. Needless to say it was a game that grabbed our attention from the get go and we were very glad to finally be able to play and write about it.

Going in we knew it was going to be a fairly short and simple experience, and we were by no means disappointed there. The graphics were amazing and the fact that we could also play it on our shiny new VR meant we booted up the game with high expectations nonetheless. I mean what about a giant sexy dinosaur/man wouldn’t grab absolutely anyone’s attention?

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This is a porn game through and through. Almost all sex related gameplay that takes place with one partner in a singular environment. It was released in February of this year (2021) and the dev (TailsUp4Tyranno) says there will be more updates coming, but the only in-depth story to be found comes from the Steam information page. Once you’re in the game there isn’t much context and you basically just get right down to the business of pleasuring Mr. T-rex. Your body consists of a ghost tongue, penis, and hands, all of which can be turned off in the settings if you like.

You can choose from a host of various sexual activities like giving a handjob or blowjob, watching him use a dildo on himself, or actual sex in a few positions. You are also given the option to go slow or fast and there are a few instances where you can change your or his position. On your HUD there is also a gauge that will fill up during foreplay, his climax, and to keep him on the edge. The more edging you do the better you’ll score, prompting various exclamations from Dinoman as well as a Weak or Hot rating on the screen once he climaxes.

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The game by no means hides what it is and I really appreciate that. Sometimes you just want a naughty game to play without any extra non-sexy bells and whistles to get through. The graphics are truly top notch in both PC and VR modes, and there are lots of actions and positions to choose from. There’s even a bevy of options for different costumes for your dinoman to wear. Seeing just how tall the T-rex is in VR mode was one of the coolest things to be honest. Just seeing him on your computer screen doesn’t do it justice at all.

My only real complaints for Mutant Alley are that controls in both VR and PC can be a little frustrating and clunky. Neither of us ever felt like we got the hang of using them efficiently to do what we wanted to do in either scenario. Also, there is a small mechanic where the police can show up and you have to hide from them or risk getting caught. In the end we found it was happening a little too frequently for our tastes,  so we ended up turning it off in the settings. Honestly, it was really intrusive to the game play and you would basically have to start all over again filling up the gauges, regardless of if you were caught or not. Also, idling at all makes him yell at you and he’s still a big scary dinosaur.

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For the small price being asked for this game I’d definitely say add it to your list. I really do hope to see more added to the game eventually as well. Perhaps things like new locations or even new partners would add a little more intrigue, but as it is right now it’s still a pretty darn solid NSFW game, especially in VR. That said, the VR functionality does appear as a paid add-on in the Steam shop alongside the base game, but we just bought the base game and the VR was included with it. I’m not sure if that was a mistake or meant to be for people who bought the game early on, but something to keep in mind if you do decide to purchase it. We enjoyed our short time with Mutant Alley and here’s hoping there is more dino-loving to be had in the future!

If you are interested in picking up Mutant Alley: Do the Dinosaur for yourself you can find it on Steam.

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