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Ain’t no Thang…

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Into the Thick of it

So, Monster Hunter…are you tired of hearing about that yet? Me neither! Both the Hubs and I are still totally hooked on playing it! I will admit that I’m getting ready to leave the grinding bit behind and get on with some story progression though. Not that you ever really get to stop foraging for materials and hunting down disgruntled dinosaurs… at its core that’s kind of what Monster Hunter is really. But anyway, when it comes to taking on new missions, be it in MonHun or real life, what’s the one thing you should always do before you go? That’s right kids..EAT!

Now in the Monster Hunter universe it seems like people have evolved to have black holes instead of stomachs. Those portion sizes the Meowscular Chef doles look more like what my entire family might eat at any given holiday. Then again, I have to imagine that repeatedly being electrocuted by a dragon/unicorn or lizard/squirrel until you sizzle burns a lot of calories? I guess we’ll just have to suspend our logical thinking in this instance and let fantasy do its thing.

But it Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Where was I going with this again? Oh yes, that’s right – food. Here in the Backlog Odyssey household we tend to consume our media in every sense of the word. And while I realize that weird phrasing makes it sound like we eat our video games and books, I can assure you …we don’t I swear. What I do mean is that when a game/tv series/anime/manga really piques our interest we always seem to become these giddy fan people that usually end up buying merch or making themed meals or snacks. We’re weird ok? Haven’t we already established this? Keep up man…Jeeze.

Anyway, while I could just whip up a five-course meal comprised of mostly meat on skewers and giant tankards of some beverage for a Monster Hunter themed food sensation. I instead decided to take the less complex and time consuming route and make something sweet. Plus, we’re like 90% vegetarian and eating all that meat would have the husband and I laying on the floor in agony for a few days. There’s nothing like a week of gastrointestinal distress to set a person straight amiright?

So in lieu of a giant hunk of bone in meat fresh off the BBQ pit I made these cute little fellas:

Awesome right? And super easy to make! It’s basically a Rice Krispy treat with the added step of sticking a couple of mini marshmallows to a pretzel rod and then dipping that in a bit of white chocolate. To give a nice “well done” meat look to them I used the Cocoa flavored cereal and I think it turned out pretty sweet, pun intended. I’ve made Rice Krispy treats about 6,485 times in my lifetime, so I didn’t really use a recipe for that part. I just kind of mixed it until it looked right then let it cool just enough so it wouldn’t burn my hands off while shaping it around the pretzel rod. Mmmm, so Tasty!

The Deviljhos’ In the Details

Well there ya have it folks! Easy as hunting the Great Jagras! Grab your wingdrake, head off to the kitchen and give it a try for yourself!