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Almost a JILL Sandwich…

So, lately the husband has been gorging on a big ole plate of Resident Evil 2, with the occasional sprinkling of random review code games added in for spice.  He’s a Capcom fanboy through and through, so suffice it to say, Resident Evil is his jam. Did you catch on to all my food puns yet? Of course, you did! I mean you’re here on the Backlog Odyssey website after all. You’re smart people! So, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this is a food post! Whoop!

An Exquisite Sweetness

Now, I normally would jump on the Resident Evil bandwagon right along with Patrick and maybe I will somewhere down the road, but this time around I decided to put my hands in the air and slowly back away. All the while calmly assuring him that I do indeed still love Resident Evil. There’s nothing wrong with it or me, I really just wanted him to have that full experience I know he’s been so excitedly craving. While we always have a blast playing any of the Resident Evil games together I knew how much he was looking forward to playing it and I felt like taking turns playing it together would detract from that. Seriously guys, the depth of the ridiculous and over the top back stories we have going on for each of the characters is in itself an amazing tale for another post. So, maybe down the road we can replay it together. And it’s not like I haven’t been watching adamantly through most of his playthrough so there’s still been plenty of poking fun.  Poor Leon having to ruin his perfectly coiffured hair trudging through the sewers. And Ada…Oh Ada…could you have chosen less appropriate shoes for this mission? How she manages to not snap her feet clean off her ankles running over heavily grated floors in those stilettos is beyond me! You possess a level of mad ninja spy skills like no other m’lady.

An Acquired Taste

I said this post was going to be about food, though didn’t I? Yes…yes, I did. Well I really wanted to make something in the vein of Resident Evil, but I really struggled to think of something that was inherently Resident Evil. Sure, I could just go the zombie route and make something gross and undead-like, but honestly, I don’t really like getting down like that. Even on Halloween I really only make “cute” spooky stuff. Food that’s purposely made to look disgusting ain’t for me. What’s the point of making something tasty if the sight of it makes me want to gag…. So, no….no grody zombie themed stuff.

I began asking myself, are there any food items that pop up a lot in the series? Like Fallout and tasty crème filled cakes or the Estus Flask in Dark Souls? I couldn’t think of anything in particular that stood out. Then, it dawned on me… that fan favorite moment from the first game! The “Jill Sandwich” line awkwardly, yet fantastically delivered by Barry Burton! This, I could totally work with! And we’re off to the races folks.

That Jiggly Deliciousness

Now, obviously I’m not going to make a sandwich out of a person, Jill or otherwise named. Cannibalism is bad kids. Leave that to the zombies…they’re highly trained professionals. Instead, I opted for a friendlier and less prions disease causing option. I used the letters J, I, L, and L to choose the ingredients. The husband and I put our heads together and ended up choosing: Jerk tofu, Italian bread, Leeks and Lettuce. I get that the Jerk tofu might seem like a cop out on the letter J, but I really liked the idea of using tofu since that happens to also be a secret character in Resident Evil 2 who is basically a block of tofu in a STARS beret.  But you could totally sub the tofu for any protein of your choice and I think it would taste pretty darn good. We also added in some pineapple coleslaw and a touch of olive oil mayo to the sandwich to tie it all together.

The Perfect Chewiness

I gotta say… not the greatest sandwich I’ve ever made, but most certainly not the worst. I would change a few things were I to make it again, but here was my process if you are so inclined to try it out yourself:

1.       Press as much water as possible out of your block of extra firm tofu. I typically squash mine between a paper towel covered baking rack and our cast iron skillet for about an hour.

2.       Slice up the tofu into nice thick pieces and marinate them in the jerk seasoning for as long as you like. I used a liquid marinade this time around, but next time I think I would use a dry rub instead. It made the tofu too saucy (I could make a joke here, but let’s just keep rolling)

3.       Chop and soak your leeks into small rounds. I say soak them because they are dirty through and through (I know another good set up but keep on task here people!)

4.       The coleslaw I used this time was a mix of pre-shredded cabbage, a few tablespoons of crushed pineapple and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. It was tasty in its own right, but in the end, it didn’t belong on this sandwich at all. Next time I would just stick with the shredded red cabbage and mix in the lettuce, or just use lettuce by itself.

5.       Sauté up your leeks until they’re nice and soft, set them aside in a bowl somewhere and then using the same pan sauté up your tofu. (Less dishes to wash makes everyone happy!)

6.       Assemble your sandwich by cutting open your Italian bread and dabbling on some mayo. I like only putting a little bit on each side, but you do you.

7.       Now layer on your tofu, leeks, coleslaw (if your using it) and lettuce. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking with both lettuce and coleslaw, but we all make mistakes now and then don’t we?

Can’t Get Enough

Well, there you have it! A JILL sandwich… it’s messy and it needs a little work… just like the real Jill. ZING! I’m kidding she’s fine…I mean she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Wesker. And for some reason he felt she needed to be blonde now. Maybe he had leftover bleach from his own L’Oréal interlude and decided she needed to try something new… who knows… Wesker is a strange and complicated hot guy…I mean regular guy. What? YOUR face is red!

Think you’re going to give this ‘wich a try? Or maybe you’ve already thought of some vast improvements! Either way let me know!

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