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Backlog Addendum | Lust from Beyond

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Level 2

After playing the recently updated M Edition of Lust from Beyond, we couldn’t help but feel that the vision for the original may have been compromised due to its extensive censoring and retooling for a wider audience. Although the core concepts still shone through, and from a gameplay perspective it was still an enjoyable experience, much of the impact from its contrasting themes were seemingly lessened.

In this addendum to our impressions of Lust from Beyond: M Edition, we played through the original unaltered version of the game to see if our initial assumptions still rang true, and if its erotic motifs would have the narrative and visual impact we thought it would.


Like previous After Dark articles, you can click on any of the censored pictures to reveal an uncensored version (this feature is only available only on our website). In this article however, instead of censoring the screenshots from the original version of Lust from Beyond, we added a comparable scene from the M Edition, so you can see some of the differences. With that said, please be aware that some of these screenshots are quite graphic and could potentially be disturbing.

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Throughout Lust from Beyond you’ll encounter a wide variety of erotic material ranging from subtly suggestive environmental structures, to fully nude statues in various revealing positions, to sexual acts featuring full penetration, the use of and suggested use of sex toys, and plenty of lewd commentary. However, because it isn’t a primary focus from a gameplay perspective, aside from a few button prompts here and there, we thought it landed firmly at a level 2 for the level of adult content.

With that in mind, because of its heavier focus on fetishism, violence, torture, and sexual manipulation, we decided that rating it at a 90% for the type of sexual content would be the safest bet, since it could be too disturbing and unsettling for some players. Throughout the main story much of darker themes are really only alluded to, once you dive into the additional content however, it can get pretty dark pretty fast so tread lightly.

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First and foremost, Lust from Beyond is an exploration based psychological horror at its core, with much of the adult content really only showing itself on the periphery and primarily used for atmospheric purposes. That said, in a lot of ways its integral to the game with the story being based around a sex obsessed cult that is trying to find the path of eternal ecstasy by giving themselves to a set of lustful eldritch gods.

Typically you’ll encounter the sex scenes when performing the rituals that are required to transition between the real world and Lusst’ghaa, as well as a few story sequences, both with minimal interaction. This only affects gameplay in the fact that it allows you to progress the story and in some instances, even that is optional.

When compared to the altered version, the original Lust from Beyond featured additional scenes and dialogue that were cut from the M Edition, both story related and not. Which included the interactive sex scenes used during the Lusst’ghaa rituals, as well as the optional scenes with a few of the other character and creatures. All of these scenarios, as well as many of the objects found throughout the environments, both interactable and not, are fully uncensored. So be prepared to see all of the bits and bobs in all of their glory.

With that in mind, experiencing the original version of the game felt that much more impactful and coherent. Meaning everything now had tangible context, instead of it only being implied through dialog and maybe a few environmental hints here and there. Seeing the naked bodies (both dead and alive), experiencing the rituals first hand, and absorbing the subtly erotic structures of Lusst’ghaa made the contrasting violence and horror feel that much more unnerving. Which in turn seemed to reinforce why the main character Victor was so resistant to and untrusting of even the people he thought of as allies. Of course, not gelling with a murderous cult doesn’t require much motivation, but the presence of the adult content just doubled down on that notion.

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Playing through both versions of Lust from Beyond has been an interesting roller coaster. On one hand the original version of the game gives you the full picture with no compromises, while the M Edition tones it down and focuses more on the eldritch horror side of things, and both are solid games in their own rite. 

In my mind however I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing context while playing the M Edition that the original was then able to reconcile. Nonetheless, the inclusion of the sexual content also makes Lust from Beyond a harder sell. Especially due to its subject matter. So really what it boils down to is your violence vs. eroticism tolerance level, your ability to overlook some missing narrative depth, and/or what version of the game you even have access to. You decide what fits you best.

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Or if you’d like to try either Lust from Beyond or Lust from Beyond: M Edition, you can find them on Steam! 

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