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Backlog After Dark | HuniePop

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Level 2

Alright folks, close the curtains and put the kids to bed. Snuggle on the couch with your significant other and prepare yourself for a puzzle game with a naughty twist. On the surface HuniePop seems like your average anime dating sim and really when you boil it down that’s exactly what it is. On the other hand though it’s the sum of HuniePop’s parts that make it an epic must-play.

HuniePop Screen 1

The artwork is phenomenal, the Bejeweled-like puzzles have difficulty scaling to keep you interested, and not to be forgotten of course, the unique cast of sexy, eligible bachelorettes this whole game hinges upon! With that said, did all these ingredients make up a recipe for love or did all that puzzle poppin’ fizzle out faster than a cut-rate fourth of July fireworks show?

HuniePop Screen 2

HuniePop is definitely one of the more “mild” games we’ve reviewed for the Backlog After Dark feature so far and surprisingly that made it harder to properly categorize. We ultimately landed on a Level 2 rating since it was really kind of smack in the middle of Level 1 and 2. The sex is implied rather than directly shown and it really amounts to just a few nude still shots per lady, but there is full nudity, dirty talk, and semen (if your main character is male). So, Level 2 to err on the side of caution.

HuniePop Screen 8

The 20% again is generous. The sex is all consensual and relatively kink free. It’s also fairly romanticized since it is with a partner you are in a romantic relationship with. There are a few non-human girls to add to your dating pool, but they look almost completely humanoid aside from maybe blue skin or cat ears. There is a singular instance of tentacles rolling onto the scene, but I mean what anime style game would be complete without them right? Even still it’s a case of one of the girls sending you a sexy photo of herself.

HuniePop Screen 6

We purchased HuniePop on Steam a few years ago, more than likely from one of those irresistible Steam sales. Seriously, those sales get us every time and are a big contributor to our ever growing backlog of unplayed games. So many good deals and too little time. Insert a sad face emoji and violins here if you like… I know. Anyway I digress.

A puzzle centric dating sim seemed like a pretty interesting match-up. Combined with that fantastically colorful artwork and it wasn’t hard to tell we would be in for a fun time with this game!

HuniePop Screen 5

You spend the majority of the game chatting with the girls in various locations and going on dates via match three puzzle challenges. Making matches with her favorite tokens will increase her affection and move you on down to woo town until the girls decide it’s time to take things to the next level back at your place. 

The “sex scene” puzzles are similar to a date puzzle in that you still have to make matches of three or more pieces, but in this case the girls have no piece preference and you are timed with a “love gauge” that fills or drains based on how fast you are at making matches. The girls will remove clothing the more the gauge fills and once it is totally filled the screen will go black and you will unlock 1-3 pictures.

HuniePop Screen 4

As your relationship progresses the ladies will send you pictures via text as well, which as you might have guessed end up pretty lewd the more they like and trust you. So, basically the sex and nudity is treated like a reward system. It’s not front and center and you have to work to earn it.

The game is also available with all the naughty bits removed so that’s a pretty good indication of how sexy stuff is really only given in specific measured doses throughout the story. The game could function completely normal without any of it.

HuniePop Screen 3

You start out HuniePop by choosing your character’s gender and while being either male or female doesn’t affect the game a whole lot, it was a nice touch. How great would it be if eventually they even added male characters to date as well? Or DLC that gender swapped the current cast? That would be super fun!

I will say the dialogue for this game can get pretty cringe pretty fast, and the voice acting honestly only makes that more apparent. Thankfully there is an option to turn off the voices and just have a “boopy” text sound instead. It took us all of a few minutes to agree that no voices was the way to go.

HuniePop Screen 7

This was an all out good time of a game. It was nice to change it up and play a much less hardcore game for a change. The dialogue got a little weird at times, and the gameplay could potentially get a bit grindy for some of the unlockables, but the cute, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay more than made up for it. So, if you’re in the market for a laid back good time with some sexy singles, HuniePop is a game worth checking out!

If you’re interested in checking out HuniePop, you can find it right now on Steam!

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