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A quest to conquer an ever growing backlog of games.
Rating Primer
We’re on the hunt for fun games that won’t break the bank! Our aim is $5 or less and Buck Club Bill is on the job. He’s ready to give you the short and sweet on how each game panned out for us and because price isn’t the only determining factor we’ve broken our Buck Club rating system down into 3 simple tiers.
Buck Club Bill wears his emotions on his sleeve, but just so it’s clear here’s the rundown:
Tier 1
This game basically knocked our socks off. It was a great value for a fun experience that’s definitely worthy of your time and money no matter the price.
Tier 2
This is a game that neither impresses nor disappoints. Perhaps it fell short in a category or two, but overall there was still some fun to be had. Maybe waiting for a sale is really the way to go if you feel you're interested in this game at all.
Tier 3
This game fell flat. Even the few dollars we dropped picking this up wasn’t really worth it and we’d have a hard time recommending it at any price.