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Impressions After Dark | Sweet Dream Succubus: Nightmare Edition

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Level 3

There’s nothing quite like a good dream to help kickstart your day and set your mood in the right direction. A super sexy dream is even better! Though it might also end up hampering your productivity  too, if you know what I mean? Especially if said sexy dream is the product of a naughty succubus intent on draining every drop of life force out of you!

That’s exactly the sticky situation our perturbed protagonist finds himself a part of in Sweet Dream Succubus: Nightmare Edition. A visual novel by The Poundry with revamped artwork by the ever talented Doxy. It’s a story that’s made of all things sugar and spice, but what was naughty and what was nice?

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Sweet Dream Succubus lands at around a Level 3 for the degree of adult content you can expect to find. There is a great deal of sex in this game but there is also plenty of story to round it out. As for the type of adult content we thought 55% was fair considering the nature of the story. Really it contained mostly vanilla sex stuff but with a demon ( who mostly appeared human) and it wasn’t always a consensual situation. The protagonist expresses duress in only a few instances but it’s still worth keeping in mind if that’s something you could find problematic.

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As I mentioned earlier, this game has been remade with fancy new artwork and while I can’t speak to the quality of the original visuals, I can safely say that the new stuff is phenomenally done. There were tons of scene changes and backgrounds, as well as costumes for our clever and crafty demon temptress.

With that in mind, the soundtrack isn’t anything special. It’s basically mood setting elevator music that just adds that extra bit of polish but isn’t very noticeable. I had to boot  the game back up for a few minutes just to remember what it sounded like and where it was within the game. Since it’s a visual novel a low key soundtrack makes perfect sense.

Aside from the regular story scenes that only really displayed a single background, all of the sex scenes included still shots with altered art for progression, primarily focused on our succubus seducer. And by progression I mean various increasingly lewd positions, cumshots, and the like, all unobscured by censoring of any kind.

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The story for Sweet Dream Succubus plays on a clever time loop that will essentially have the main character wake up, spend three days/nights having a variety of wanton encounters with his succubus stalker, and then eventually wake up back at the beginning of the three days. Until you solve the mystery at hand that is, or have all of your life force drained. Either way the loop ends. All in all it’s a very clever mechanic that made replaying certain parts fun just to see how/if the dialogue changed.

A lot of the dialogue changes would be subtle and dependent on where you were in the story when you encountered them, but it was downright impressive how easily everything flowed together regardless of the choices you made along the way. That’s not to say that your choices didn’t matter, because they very much did, however as you relived those three days, or even started a new game, the choices you made all carried the story forward quite naturally. Altogether these things are the mark of a great writer and I’d be more than happy to consume their writing again.

The sex scenes were also written with that same luxurious attention to detail. Plenty of sumptuous descriptions without being crass or forced which I personally prefer. There is still lots of dirty talk of course, but like I said, none of it feels forced or gratuitous.

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Here is probably the only place I’ll say I encountered noteworthy flaws. Sure there were a few spelling/spacing issues in the main game dialogue, but that’s no biggie. However, not being able to fast forward the dialogue as it rolled out, or to skip dialogue that was already encountered on a repeated playthrough was a little annoying. Typically visual novels have the ability to pan through already encountered dialogue until it hits a choice section and that makes subsequent replays much less of a slog. That little feature was missing in this case unfortunately.

Also, try as we might the gallery would not unlock for us once we finished the game. It would freeze altogether or send us back to the main menu where it would tell us that we needed to complete a playthrough first in order to unlock the gallery. These aren’t things that really affect how I feel about the game in the end but instead they’re things I hope eventually get ironed out in the future or with any sequels.

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Both of us really enjoyed our time with Sweet Dream Succubus and are absolutely optimistic about any future releases from either the developer or artist. It was nice to see such a well crafted NSFW visual novel that told an engaging story without overstaying its welcome.

If you would like to spend some quality time with a saucy succubus you can find Sweet Dream Succubus on Steam.

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