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Backlog Preview | Ova Magica

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Just like babies, brand spanking new games are born every single day! Now for bigger game companies their babies are carefully and meticulously raised and gently sent off into the world to be loved by scores of people. For indie game devs it’s not always quite so gentle or magical! There is so much to consider when it comes to making a game. Time, skillset, crew, and most of all money can easily take a precious seed of an idea and promptly squash it under a pile of failure and rejection. And that’s where Kickstarter comes in. Kickstarter allows devs to not only ask for funding for their game projects, but also helps to gauge interest and spread the word.

One such game that we here at the Backlog Odyssey household have recently jumped on the Kickstarter train for is an upcoming gem of a game called Ova Magica. Let me say, from what has been shown of this game so far it has checked all the boxes! Gorgeous and charming graphics, check. A plethora of potential partners to swoon over, check. Farming, building, crafting, check, check, and check! And let’s not forget Ova Magica’s biggest claim to fame, those adorable blob monsters for you to collect and train and just enhance your already plush life in Clover town.

There are over 80 blobs to collect and if you treat them just right they’ll enhance your gameplay 10 fold! You can train and battle these little guys with other blob trainers or pit your blob against the wild blobs you’ll encounter in the various worlds to be explored through the game. They’ll help you on your farming journey, as well, by enhancing your crops or by using their unique abilities to craft new items. You can even breed them together to create a boundless array of new blobs!

Delightful blobs aside, Ova Magica offers a taste of the good life when you move to Clover Town. You can choose either a male or female character and begin your farming journey. Meaning, Clover Town is filled with a collection of friendly inhabitants for you to befriend and even potentially find romance. The how and who you choose to romance is up to you. Inclusivity for the win am I right?

The Kickstarter campaign started on January 26th, 2021 and runs until February 26th, 2021, with the game currently set to release sometime in July. There are a wide variety of tiers to choose from in as many price ranges. There’s also both a digital and physical release option for the game itself and more swag than you can shake a stick at! Posters, plushies, keychains, and even a super slick tin lunch box! Not to mention all the digital goodies that can be included as well if you so choose. Your name in the credits, in game items, clothes and even a special blob!

It’s not often that we endorse a game before we’ve even played it ourselves, but sometimes you know when you’re about to witness something great! This is one of those rare opportunities to support a worthy developer making a fantastic, feel-good game. We’re so glad we were able to join the backing of Ova Magica and are waiting with bated breath to get our hands on that sweet, sweet LE physical copy! So keep up the great work ClaudiaTheDev, and kudos to Top Hat Studios for continuously seeking out games like this and promoting them. Once this game hits the streets you can look forward to our review shortly thereafter – you can bet on it!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Ova Magica, you can visit the game’s page on Top Hat Studio’s Website, by checking out ClaudiaTheDev’s Itch.io page, or by drooling over the fancy Ova Magica goodies on its Kickstarter Page

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