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Backlog Review | The Coma: Recut

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Growing up can be hard, especially during those dog days of High School. There’s tests to take, pencils to sharpen and praying to the homework gods above that your dog didn’t eat that assignment you just worked hard on at the last possible moment! But what if you got more than a slap on the wrist for falling asleep in class? What if, instead you woke up in a dark and twisted otherworld filled with tentacles and dead things? A place where your deranged teacher wants nothing more than to store her tetanus riddled fire axe in your chest cavity as her head gradually turns into an octopus?

Well my dear backloggers, this time on the Backlog Odyssey I’ll be taking a look at the game that puts the [email protected]#k this s$&t in your home work and shrieking killer faculty in your classroom, The Coma: Recut. So stick around, find your cubby and try not to be tardy because it’s time for another Backlog Review!!

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