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Backlog Review | The Perils of Baking

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Remember the days of 8bit platforming greatness with games like Super Mario Bros and Tiny Toon Adventures? The Perils of Baking delivers a throwback to those days. The questions is, does it succeed?

Winner Bakes All

As an avid retro gamer and a lover of baking, The Perils of Baking seems like a dream come true and I gotta hand it to Lillymo Games, they had a great idea for a fun game! They describe it as:

“You play as the younger of two brothers, famous for their baking. It’s up to you to stop your brother’s evil plans as he has given in to a dark artifact.”

So how does it hold up?

Whisk Taker

The visuals are a throwback to the Nintendo Entertainment System days. They fit well and the colors are vibrant. I didn’t run into much confusion when navigating through the game.

The only aspect that I could find fault in is that the camera sometimes has too many blind jumps. If there is one part of retro games that developers should gladly leave behind, it is certainly blind jumps. 

Half Baked

The game starts off with one touch deaths. As you collect items in the level, you build up hearts. If you get enough hearts, you earn a chef’s hat. The chef’s hat mostly works like Sonic’s rings. In that if you get hit, the player has the opportunity to get it back. This made me nearly invincible in most levels. Which really dilutes any sense of difficulty the game tries to achieve.

When you think of 2D platform games with great physics, often what comes to mind are games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Rayman Origins/Legends. However, the physics The Perils of Baking just felt a bit too “floaty” to me. 

The game is quite easy to complete. Save for a few “on rails” levels, most of the stages I ended up completing on the first try. However, those “on rails” levels were my favorite part of the game. 

You’re Baking My Heart 

The game incorporated the 8 bit style sounds including chiptune music. I have fond memories of music from the Nintendo Entertainment System days. So drawing upon that as inspiration, I have to say that there was nothing that felt memorable as far as the music goes which was a tad disappointing. However, the sound effects felt appropriate for this type of game and they do fit the overall aesthetic. 

I can’t say I would recommend this game for most gamers. Perhaps an inexperienced or younger gamer would get more enjoyment out of it. If you are looking for a true throwback to challenging retro games, you unfortunately will not find that here.

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