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Happy Backloggin’ One and All

First of all before we get to any other shenanigans – Happy New Year Everyone!

With 2018 behind us and many a pile of games still left on my backlog, 2019 feels like a year to really start taking this whole backlog thing seriously. It’s time to set some goals, change a few things up and do this thing right. So, for the last week or so I’ve been trying to think up a few “Backlog Odyssey Resolutions” and here’s what I was able to come up with!

Focus more on playing the games in my backlog instead of adding to it.

This is a big one. Although I started this blog to focus on playing the games in my backlog, what it actually did was inspire me to buy more games so I could review them. Don’t get me wrong, it was a blast, but that took away from what I originally set out to do, and that’s playing the games I already own.

Personally, it feels like a much more interesting journey and you never know, I may discover some hidden gems I’ve been missing out on all these years. So, to help resolve the conundrum I’ve found myself in,  I’ve employed some changes and updates to the blogs formula and layed a few ground rules for myself in the next year.

The first being something I at first though would be one of the toughest things to do ever, and that’s to ban myself from purchasing any new games in 2019. And I want to thank my good friends over on the Backlog Busters podcast for inspiring me to try this out as well. Now this doesn’t include gifts nor any games I may “receive” through subscription services, but it should help me focus on the task at hand. I did allot myself two exceptions in the form of Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, but technically I did purchased these in 2018 as pre-orders and I did get the OK from the Backlog Busters so I’ll head into 2019 with a clear conscience.

The more I ruminate on it as well, the more fun I think it’s going to be. It’s a challenge, and for those who know me, you know I love me some challenges. And not only that, it’s something I can feel good about come the end of the year.

Refocus the blog

This goal may be a bit vague, but it’s far reaching and equally as exciting. When I started this blog, and for the better part of 2018, my primary focus was just writing reviews for the games I was playing. Although this was fun, there wasn’t much structure and it all just felt a little random. Not only that, but writing reviews is hard! I’ll probably still write reviews and post them on the blog here and there, but what i really want to do is make the content I publish to be a little more interactive and dynamic. And some of these changes have already come into effect in the form of my monthly podcast!

It may have started off as supplementary to the blog, but has really become my focus in the last few months. It inspired me to delve deep into the podcast community and it gives me a singular place to unload all my pent up thoughts on this wonderful hobby of ours. And I can tell you what, blathering on about the games I’ve been playing is a whole lot easier than writing!

But that’s not the only thing I’ve been turning the ole hamster wheel on either. In addition to the podcast I’ll be publishing a daily “Backlog Diary” that will detail not only my progress toward shaving a few games off the backlog pile, but also random gaming and non-gaming related thoughts that may bubble to the surface in this jumbled nerdy brain of mine. Expect to see a new section on the website soon with a backlog of diary entries starting from today! Now I just need to get off my lazy web designin’ badonkadonk and get ‘er done.

Finally to make this whole “no more games in 2019” thing more fun, I’m hoping to make it a little more interactive and entertaining. To do that, each month I’ll be posting a Twitter pole on some backlog categories. Whether that’s specific consoles, genres or other random nonsense, those will be the games I need to focus on that month. Once the category is set, I’ll also list a few games from that category in my backlog to vote on. I’ll attempt to play each of those game that month, but the game that has the highest vote count will be the game I start first. Not only will this give me a little structure in the games I’ll be playing for the blog and podcast, but it’ll allow you readers and listeners to join in the fun if you’re so inclined!

To make this all a little easier and a little more organized, I’m thinking about designing my own backlog tracker for the website. Having my very own database of games played and unplayed should be very handy and it’ll give you guys and gals a place to get a glance at this behemoth first hand. I’m hoping to add a voting system and few other features, but who knows how long it’ll actually take so it may all feel a bit haphazard for a while. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Be more engaged with the this wonderful community

Tackling your backlog is one thing, but none of this would be possible without all of you. Writing reviews and recording podcasts is truly fulfilling, but it’s nothing compared to the friends I’ve made along the way and all the people that have supported me and the blog by reading and listening to my content.

So in the interest of making new friends, having fun and being more supportive I want to share my experiences more with all of you and give you all an outlet as well. You know, for your Phoenix Down stipulations and deep brooding thoughts on Dark Souls lore.

And the first step to accomplish that is to add a Guest Contribution (working title) section to the website where you can submit your gaming related articles! These can be on any topic you’d like ranging from backlog stories, pickups or straight up reviews. Then each month I’ll post the cream of the crop on the website! I’ll also be adding a Guest Contribution (working title) section to the podcast as well, so if you have a hot gaming take on the latest backlog techniques in audio form you can send me those as well. Details on how to get me your submissions will be at the end of this post and at the top to the Guest Contributions (working title) page on the website once it’s up.

I would also like to have some guest appearances on the podcast but that may take some time as I try and figure out the whole logistics of talking to other human beings. That and the technical wizardry involved.

And the final set has to do with that whole “interactivity” thing again. But this time around it’s more about playing games together. Generally, when I play games I’m playing by myself, secluded and alone like a hermit. Well that’s not true, I actually play a lot of games with my Wife and Son. But then I write words or ramble on like the CL4P-TP (nerdy game reference) that I am and all of your are like “What the heckfire is this guy talking about?! I’ve never heard/seen that game before”. Well worry not my flustered friends, because I have a solution! And that’s in the form of semi-regular community gaming sessions and streams!

I want to do the live streams so you can see with your own optical face orbs how awesome (bad) I am at games and we can talk about it through the wonderment of live internet video. And of course community gaming sessions so we can play some games together dangit! And I’m happy to say my first streaming session should be this week! So keep an eye out on Twitter for when I’ll be going live and what game(s) I’ll be playing.

2018, That’s a Wrap

Well, there are my “Backlog Odyssey Resolutions” for 2019 in a nutshell. A very wordy and detailed nutshell. I’m super excited for what 2019 has to offer and I’m looking forward to finally making a sizeable dent in that absolute unit of a pile. That and having tons of fun playing games with all of you and hearing your thoughts on the state of the backlog in two thousand and nineteen.

Until next time backloggers I hope you have a great 2019 and keep your ears perked and at the ready for January’s podcast!

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