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Be There or Be Square

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Not All Triangles Are Equilateral

Well the cold weather came and went like a bat out of hell not too long ago and that meant that my little family of three was on house arrest for almost a full week. Believe you me, we are as tight of a gang as they come, but that many days trapped inside the house with each other will drive anyone to wonder “just how bad could -55 degrees really feel anyway?” Well let me tell you, Patrick for some unforeseen reason decided the garbage needed to be taken out and I think the 6-foot trip to the garage just about ended him. Heck, I stood in the doorway and saw my life flash before my eyes. What the flip Mother Nature?

Anyway, since we were all stuck inside we did what our nerdy DNA bade us to do and that was play games. Lots of Monster Hunter for me and the Hubs, lots of Roblox for the boy, as well as a big ole three player session of Survival Minecraft. For realz, I carried those noobs in MC. Once we got a little sick of it all though the Hubs regressed into binging some Fairy Fencer F on one TV and the Son buried himself in Adventure Time reruns on the other TV. So, I needed to quickly think of how best to occupy my TV-less self, lest I saunter off and bake yet another batch of some unnecessary bread-type apparatus.

This Handheld Glowing Rectangle is Entertaining!

Enter QubeTown, the free to play mobile game that popped up in my Google news feed claiming to be “just like Stardew Valley!!!” I will admit I was intrigued, so I downloaded it from the Google Play store. While StarDew Valley it was most certainly not, its “free to play”-ness was surprisingly accurate! I know right? Wowzers! At no point in my many hours of submersion into this game was I ever even tempted to spend real money. Now that’s not to say that the option wasn’t there because it totally was. You could buy all kinds and varieties of in-game currency if you wanted, but honestly, you never really need to. I’ve played many a mobile game of this type and they always seem to manage to hook you in and then as soon as you reach a certain level they slow you down to the point of frustration. Gaining the in-game currency becomes near impossible or so agonizingly slow you either break and buy some with real dosh or just give up on the game completely.

Not QubeTown!  As you level up, gaining gold becomes easier and they give you the chance to earn the special rubies quite frequently. I suppose this isn’t the greatest strategy for the game developers since that means very few people will be pouring money into it, but I think a good reputation goes a long way as well. If I see any more of their games I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a try given I know they won’t be harassing me constantly to spend real money or making me feel I HAVE to spend money in order to keep enjoying the game at a reasonable pace.

Lots of Angles …Like a Parallelogram

QubeTown is a fun little time-sink especially if you are at all into town management simulator games. There’s a full-fledged story line to follow with each level-up and lots to do to keep you occupied for short bursts of time here and there throughout your day. Explore dungeons, mine for treasure, fill up your trading district, farm crops, raise livestock, rescue kidnapped citizens, build houses and workshops, compete in events….and I’m only at level 20-ish so far with plenty of things left on the map to unlock.

Like all games of this nature everything you do has a wait time, but luckily they aren’t very long (for the most part). Usually they’re finished by the time you get back around after checking on everything else. Building and exploring can run upwards of an hour or two but that’s no biggie either since they make it super cheap to just finish it up if you happen to be in a hurry.

Is it a Circle or Square?

The main goal of this game is money generation. Gain as much as you can in order to expand your various facilities and structures…so you can earn more money. It’s a a cycle..you get it. Anyway, there are three types of in game currency: gold, rubies and friend tokens. To buy the average joe stuff will cost you gold which you earn from raising crops and selling goods. Rubies are what the “extra” stuff usually costs, and you can earn those through daily rewards, achievements and watching ad videos.  Those things are always super bunk, but really a small price to pay in the end. Just put your phone down, walk away and get yourself a snack or something. When you get back – bam! Free rubies! Eat your snack and buy yourself something nice… like a new explorer or another crack at the current event mini game. The friendship tokens you get from doing friendly stuff like helping people in their towns, giving the daily allotted gifts or joining a guild. They can be spent on various landscape stuff to fancy up your town or on the roulette wheel run by creepy, cube shaped, clown man.

Like I said, it’s a great little time sink that you can just pop in on for a few minutes here and there when you have the time to spare. Give ‘er a go if you get the chance!