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Dear Backlog | The QTE Ghost Ship

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We keep completing games but for some reason the backlog keeps growing!

Dear Backlog,

It’s been four weeks since we started this thing and already we’re making so much progress!! I mean, after visiting the flea market and raiding the PlayStation store for its sales, we may have backtracked a bit. Well, more than a bit, we’ve actually backtracked by thirteen games! But we can’t let that get to us. No, because despite that we’ve brought our thirteen game deficit down to 11 with two more completions! 

The first of those being one that my wife had her eye on and completed it in no time flat! And that was Deiland by Chibig. Which is a life sim style game where you take the role of a child that’s in charge of caring for a small planet named Deiland which also houses a powerful and magical crystal. I won’t say too much more since my wife will be writing a review for it in the near future, but it seemed pretty cool!

The QTE Ghost Ship

And the next game we’ve completed from this towering pile my dear backlog was the much anticipated (at least to us) Man of Medan by Supermassive Games. Even after finishing the game, I’m still having a difficult time deciding how I feel about it. On one hand, it was a technically impressive game both visually and audibly. I mean, Supermassive has really nailed that whole uncanny valley thing their going for. However, at times the “video gamey-ness” by way of hitches in the frame rate, texture pop in or awkward animations, kind of pull you out of the immersion. It’s easy enough to look past though, since you know, IT IS a video game after all.

I’ve been hearing some complaints about its length as well, which I will admit is short, but I didn’t really find that a problem. I actually appreciated it’s two to three hour play time. Mostly because you could easily replay it and attempt to achieve each of the endings in that time frame. My biggest problem though, was that the story, characters and setting just weren’t as interesting as Until Dawn. That and it didn’t really feel like anything happened. Or if it did, it all happened too abruptly with no build up or even much emotion from the characters. Especially in the end.

I did enjoy playing it with my wife though, and it was fun trying to save each of the survivors. Which we didn’t on our first playthrough. But since it was a short game, I think we’ll dive back in and see what kind of outcome we end up with next!

Back to the Backlog

But, just because we completed a few games doesn’t mean we aren’t still plugging away at that dusty backlog! In fact, my wife and I are already neck deep in two more games! For myself, it’s been Timespinner. A 2D side scrolling metroidvania by Lunar Ray Games!

So far I’m very much enjoying this homage to Symphony of the Night. It has many of the same elements you would find there except it spiced it up with a more sci-fi aesthetic and time travel mechanics! Although it may not be quite as deep as something like Symphony of the Night or Bloodstained, it’s easily of the same caliber. And once I’m finished of it you can bet I’ll be writing a review! Especially since I have so much to say! But worry not, I won’t spoil it for you yet.

As for my wife, she’s been playing the uber cute and Paper Mario-esque, Wuppo by Knuist & Perzik. Which in its own right is kind of a metroidvania as well. Though maybe leaning more toward an action RPG. The game seems super silly and the graphics remind me a lot of Yoshi’s Island which in my mind is a-OK! That and it looks like it has lots of potential! I can’t wait to hear my wife’s thoughts on it!

Another Week of Backloggin’

Well my dearest of backlog, I think that will do it for this week. Always such a variety of games to talk about! But with Borderlands 3 just around the corner, my wife and I are going to have to tighten our belts and clear some room on the backlog because that’s pretty much going to consume us for weeks to come!

Until next we speak, have a wonderful week and a fantastic weekend!

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