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Dear Backlog | Completion Trifecta

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With three more games under our belt, we hit 50 completions!! So let’s celebrate with some Borderlands 3!

Dear Backlog,

With a seemingly every growing backlog, sometimes it’s nice to see those numbers take a turn for the better. I mean, the needle hasn’t moved that much, especially since there was another addition (which I’m going to talk about in a bit), but knowing I’m getting closer and closer to being back in the black is a good feeling! Oh, and I almost forgot, Link’s Awakening is already on its way so maybe I didn’t make as much progress as I thought!!

Compulsive buying tendencies aside, I did have three more completions since we last spoke! Honestly, if you’re looking to make a dent in your backlog, it seems the best way to do that is to just grab a handful of short games and blast right through them! Which is exactly what I did. The first of which was Timepinner! I may have completed this just before last week’s Dear Backlog dropped, but since it was already written and recorded, I thought I’d save the announcement for today! 

And everything I’ve said about it up until this point has been true! It’s a must play for metroidvania fans that’s blatantly inspired by Symphony of the Night only with a time travely/sci-fi setting. For better or for worse. That being said, it wasn’t quite as good as the games that inspired it, but the twists it tried to make around the tried and true formula were interesting and fun!

Muddy to the Max

Next up was a game that kind of came out of the blue, mostly because I didn’t intend to play it just yet. But because it was short and “easy”, it fit perfectly into my “I need to play something while I decide on what to play next” slot. And that’s the Mutant Mudds Collection on the Switch! I’ll also use the word easy in the liberal sense, because although it’s a game that’s easy to pick up and play, it’s certainly not effortless. Especially if you want to complete the game AND collect all those dang Water Sprites!

Truthfully, I only completed Mutant Mudds Deluxe which is the first game in the collection, but I think I’ll consider the entire thing complete for now. The other games included were Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and Mudd Blocks. The former is basically the same game but ramps the difficulty up. And this is on an already difficult game!  The latter on the other hand, is a puzzle game that can’t be beaten anyways!!

All in all, I very much enjoyed Mutant Mudds! The graphics were cute, the music was catchy and the challenge was honestly just right. Playing it reminded me of sitting in front of my parents giant wood framed TV playing games on my NES and pleading with them for “one more level”. And although I’m considering it complete, the additional challenge, remixed music and unique enemies are quite tempting in Super Challenge. So, I’ll probably pick at it here and there to see how far I can get! And who knows, maybe I’ll stream it so I can share my pain!

No Time for Ghost Ships

And the final completion? Well, again this is one that my wife and I technically finished before last week’s entry, but wholly intended to play more of it to see all of the endings. And that is Man of Medan. Alas, this game got dropped like it was hot after our first completion though. Not that it was really holding out attention anyways, but once this mysterious new game was added to the backlog, it had no hope of lasting. We’ll probably go back and play it at some point, just to see if we can keep all of the survivors alive, but honestly, Man of Medan didn’t even stand a chance.

And the game that broke the Man of Medan’s back was… are you ready for this? Borderlands 3! As of the writing of this entry my dearest backlog, my wife and I are on chapter 6 or so, which isn’t too far in yet, but we’re having a blast! I mean, we’ve been hotly anticipating this game for months now and we’re big fans of the franchise, so we’d be pretty easy to please. But even if that weren’t the case, I do think that 3 is a great entry so far.

Honestly, if you weren’t a fan of the series to begin with, this probably won’t change your mind. You know, because IT IS still Borderlands. But all of the quality of life improvements Gearbox has made to the game has really made a huge difference! Things like being able to switch current objectives on the fly, auto picking up ammo and even being able to fast travel from the map screen makes it so much more streamlined! Of course the humor, the over the top characters and the bazillions of quirky guns are still there as well, which makes it feel like we’re right at home!

I’m sure we’ll be playing Borderlands 3 for a while now, so I won’t say too much more, but just know that it’s a good one! Sorry Link’s Awakening, you’re going to have to wait!

Another Week, A Bigger Backlog

Well my dearest of backlogs, I think that’ll do it for this week! We’ve made lots of progress these past few days which I’m super proud of! And with two stellar new games on the docket, I think this next month is going to be a good one!

Until the next we speak, have a wonderful week and a fantastic weekend!

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