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Episode 4 | The Remake Rodeo

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Nostalgia is a force that drives many of us as gamers. We think fondly back on games from our childhood or even from just a few years ago and the great memories we had playing them. But what if you could not only replay the games you loved but also experience them for the first time again? That’s what many developers out there are trying to achieve by not just “remastering” those games but rebuilding them from the ground up. So you still get those warm and fuzzies with an added twist.

On this episode, I take it one step further and try to come up with 10 whole games I’d love to see remade! It was no simple task but dang it, we’re going to do this! So strap in and hold on tight because it’s time for Episode 4 of The Backlog Odyssey!

Intro theme by Zack Dipersio

Ending theme “The Wind That Shook The Earth” from the Alundra OST.

Additional sound effects from ZapSplat

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