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Humble Partner!

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I’m excited to announce that The Backlog Odyssey is now an official member of the Humble Bundle Partner program! Humble Bundle has always been a great resource for building your backlog with the added benefit of being able to give a portion of your purchase to charity! And now there’s another benefit – you’ll be able to support The Backlog Odyssey!

When using the affiliate links you’ll find at the bottom of my posts, the Backlog Odyssey will receive a small percentage of the sale. Fear not though, because you’re still in control of how much goes where. So if you want to give it all to charity or all to the devs you can still do that to! In fact, I encourage it! But if you happen to decide you’d like to send a little our way, just know I greatly appreciate it!

This partnership came at a great time as well because Humble Bundle just announced their Indie Bundle 20! So if you need your indie fix, don’t hesitate to go check it out!!

P.S. There are some fantastic games in there!

The Backlog Odyssey