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Impressions After Dark | Lockdown Lewd UP!

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Level 2

Training your brain and keeping it active is a great way to combat the monotony of staying at home for extended periods of time. Kind of like many of us had to, during this whole lockdown thing. That’s where Team Tailnut comes in! Entering the scene with their short and sweet puzzler Yu Escape Monday, they demonstrated a deft hand at keeping that thinker thinkin’.

It just so happens that we’re still deep in the weeds, and forever in need of stimulation both for the mind and body, Team Tailnut is back with another charming entry in the escape room genre, Lockdown Lewd Up! We were in the mood for a heavy dose of  funky and sexy, so see how we cracked the code as we arranged our 0s, 8s, 1s, and 2s!

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The adult content in Lockdown Lewd Up primarily revolves around the main character receiving and watching explicit videos of the various women that work and/or live around his apartment, with the intent of “relieving his stress”. Although each scenario features full nudity, as well as depictions of the women pleasuring themselves, at no point is there any interaction with the main character. Because of that we landed on a Level 2. Considering some of the scenes however, it’s definitely a high Level 2.

When it comes to the type of adult content we ended up rating it a bit higher than Yu Escape, despite not featuring any actual sex. This is mostly due to the voyeurism vibes of each scene, the dirty dialogue, the occasional role play, and the extensive use of sex toys. Although the relationships between each of the characters were of varying romantic degrees, the scenarios were of like minded intent and of mutual benefit. So we thought it fit nicely in the 25% range.

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After playing Yu Escape Monday, Team Tailnut quickly became one of our favorite NSFW developers. We loved their challenging and clever puzzles, their dialogue was silly and lighthearted, and their art style is unique, colorful, and eye-catching. Not to mention the level of polish they put into their games puts a high watermark on what to expect from a quality and well made game within the NSFW space. And Lockdown Lewd Up seemed to have all of that and more!

We absolutely loved putting our minds together to solve the puzzles in Yu Escape, and we were super excited to jump into Lockdown Lewd Up to scratch that puzzle solving itch! As well as, seeing what curvaceous rewards they had in store for us.

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The primary focus of Lockdown Lewd Up is solving the escape room style puzzles, and although many of the puzzle elements, items, or tasks you need to perform are not inherently naughty. Aside from some cheeky dialogue, and maybe some suggestive posters, pillows, or model kits, that is. What you’re rewarded with once you do solve a puzzle, most definitely are. Of which there are 12 primary and 2 short DLC scenarios. Typically the scenes that you unlock will contain 4 or 5 images of a particular character that’ll be displayed sequentially with increasing lewdness, accompanied by some pun-filled and raunchy dialogue. Once unlocked, each of these scenes can also be viewed at any time in the gallery.

Admittedly, the adult content in Lockdown Lewd Up isn’t exactly integral to the gameplay experience, and if it didn’t contain it, the game would be just as fun. However, the inclusion of its naughty bits, really did add to the flavor and motivates you to keep pushing forward so you can see what sexy shenanigans they’ll come up with next. It also really helps that Team Tailnut approaches its lewd content with a light heart and their signature funky flare. Even when it’s getting hot and heavy.

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As a whole package, Lockdown Lewd Up does a lot of things right. From its bold and unique artstyle, to its fantastic chiptune inspired soundtrack, to its brain busting puzzles. Every moment we spent with it was satisfying and had us begging more.

That said, there were only a few things that rubbed us the wrong way. Which included some obtuse puzzles that either required prior knowledge of how something works, like a circuit, or where the solution is too obscured, like having to extract numbers from wires that loosely resemble them. Truth be told, they’re minor gripes and for the most part all of the puzzles were well balanced, but on occasion we became stuck on silly things like that. Except for one situation where a solution was hidden behind a location that you would typically interact with to view an advertisement for Yu Escape. We’re 100% for promoting your own work, but when it becomes intrusive to the gameplay itself, it’s most definitely an issue. An easy problem to solve though, and if Team Tailnut keeps delivering well crafted games like it, we’ll always be there to play them!

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Lockdown Lewd Up was a fantastic experience that had us putting our minds together to solve clever puzzles, jam out to upbeat music, and absorb the funky stylings of Team Tailnut! If that all sounds good to you, and its NSFW spin on the genre is up your alley, then we’d more then recommend you give it a shot! It’s short enough that it never outstayed its welcome, it’s silly enough that it’ll make you chuckle, and it’s sexy enough that it’ll keep you buffing that brain of yours as we get through all of the shenanigans happening around the world.

If you’re interested in trying Lockdown Lewd Up for yourself, you can find it right now on Steam!

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