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Impressions After Dark | Neon Nights

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Level 3

Here we find ourselves in a futuristic setting in the bowels of a city called Metropolis 12. Our main character Kate is taking her new speeder bike for a spin and is on the hunt for some wet and willing company to test out the other tech she happens to be packing. That’s when she finds Violet and Jasmine, two sultry streetwalkers that fit the bill perfectly.

Kate has a feisty attitude and a leather skirt full of girthy ideas. Did Neon Nights satisfy our need for seedy speed, or did it peter out faster than a rickety old jalopy?

Since Neon Nights falls into the Visual Novel category there is technically no interactive gameplay at all. With that said, the visuals do involve full nudity, penetration, and the story is almost completely about the sex, so we landed on a level 3 for the amount of adult content you can expect to encounter. Now, when it comes to the type of adult content you’ll find in Neon Nights, that’s where things get dicey folks! We gave it a whopping 85%! Our highest rated game to date! This game hits on a lot of those kinks that might make more than a few people uncomfortable so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Neon Nights has no male characters but instead features only women and a futanari main character. And not just any futanari but a massive one. So expect to see stretching, bulging, and non consensual sex acts, as well as domination and degrading dialogue.

The artwork for this game is nothing short of spectacular. The high quality renders for each scene are phenomenal, right down to the girls’ different skin textures. In spite of that, there is only one location for the whole VN so we don’t get to see much variety in the backgrounds, but what is there is on par with the characters. Lots of attention to detail and borderline realistic. CrazySky3D has some talented artists at their disposal, no doubt about it.

There was no voice acting and the soundtrack was really just basic background filler unfortunately. But with the level of polish on those graphics you can’t have it all and I’m not really complaining about it. The sex for the most part took place between stationary shots with a few blurred ones to give the air of motion.

One thing above everything else that made Neon Nights leave a lasting impression on me was the fact that it showed me just how much dialogue and narrative can change the way you perceive the visuals that accompany it. At the beginning of the game you are given the choice of playing Story 1 or Story 2, which as we found out ended up being the exact same stills in the same order but with vastly different dialogue. Without getting into any spoilers the difference between Story 1 and 2 was how gritty and explicit the writing could get.  For example, Story 1 contained lots of degrading dialogue and a lot of the sex itself came off as borderline non consensual. Story 2 on the other hand had the exact same pictures, and scenarios, but Kate didn’t seem to be quite the monster she was in the first,  and the girls seemed to be much more into what they were doing. Honestly, it made for a much different story, with a completely different tone. Something to definitely keep in mind should you decide to play this game for yourself.

I want to say that the writing for Story 2 seemed much more professional and thought out, but maybe it just appealed to my tastes a little more than Story 1 and I think that’s the key.  Both stories were written with specific tastes in mind, so your mileage may vary. Since there were no choices to make, you held no control over either story’s progression and both ended with cliffhangers. I’m curious to see how they end up panning out so I’ll give the writers credit where credit is due. Although the first story wasn’t my personal cup of tea, the narrative flow was intriguing enough to pique my curiosity.

After playing through either story you can go back to the main menu and find the gallery unlocked. There you can view a good amount of the gameplay stills without the text. I thought it was strange that not all the stills were available, but I guess if there were anything in particular you wanted to revisit, the game is pretty short and it wouldn’t take you long to reach a specific scene.

There are no other extra features worth mentioning really. Neon Nights is a pretty straight forward visual novel with a linear plot and maybe therein lies something people might find appealing. There are no bells and whistles or other gameplay mechanics to worry about. Just click your mouse button and watch the story unfold.

I think overall Neon Nights is worth checking out as long as you are well prepared before you commit the cash. Five dollars isn’t a lot of money to spend on a game, even a visual novel, but if the content is not something you feel you’ll enjoy then I’d steer clear. It did seem like there are potentially more episodes on the horizon and I imagine they will each come with their own price tag, but hopefully we will eventually learn more about the fate of Kate and her improbably large dong.

If you’re interested in checking out Neon Nights for yourself, you can find it right now on Steam!

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