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Impressions After Dark | Yu Escape Monday

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Level 3

For a lot of people Mondays are the most insufferable days on the calendar. For Yu that feeling seems to be mutual except… what’s this? His puzzle obsessed girlfriend has turned their bedroom into an escape room and there’ll be no breakfast for him unless he can figure out her cleverly constructed conundrum. Luckily though, if he does manage to decipher the code she has a few surprises in store for him! Not only will she give him a tasty fruit salad breakfast, but she’ll also let him give her the ole eggplant brunch… or whatever you kids call it these days. However, did this whole carrot and stick routine do it for us, or did Yu Escape leave us with a bad case of the Mondays? 

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First and foremost, our rating for Yu Escape Monday will be focused on the free-to-play base game, as well as the optional paid DLC. With that said, what you’ll primarily run across while playing the game are photos (stamps) of Yu’s girlfriend Shi, dressed up in various cosplay costumes, and baring all of her curvaceous bits. Which normally wouldn’t move the needle too much, but because you’ll also encounter a singular animated sex scene, with full nudity, penetration, and naughty talk, we bumped it us to a solid Level 3.

When it comes to the type of content however, we landed on the slightly higher score of 15% since although all of the sex is consensual, and the parties are in a romantic relationship, the explicit pictures and naughty talk ratcheted up the spiciness a few more notches..

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We’ve been wanting to try out a Team Tailnut game for quite awhile now, since they have an appealing and unique artstyle  that’s very distinct. A lot of their current games have super fun looking puzzle mechanics, all with a decidedly naughty twist. The perfect recipe for one of our After Dark reviews honestly! So when we saw that Yu Escape Monday was free to play we thought that would be a great place to start, and because we had so much fun playing it, we dropped the $3.99 for the DLC to see what else they had in store for us. 

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Yu Escape Monday, in general, is fairly light on adult content. The base game has one sex scene at the very end, which is unlocked once you solve the primary puzzle, and escape the room. However, the DLC adds in a lot of nice incentivized tasks, in the form of optional puzzles, that unlock 12 different pictures as a racy reward. That’s basically how the sex plays out too. It’s a reward for a job well done. It’s all animated with plenty of dirty dialogue and one or two button prompts to spice things up. Other than those two instances, you probably wouldn’t even know you were playing an NSFW game!

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The gameplay was fairly intuitive and straightforward. You definitely need to put on your thinking cap if you’re going to help Yu unlock his sultry surprise. A few of the DLC tasks were a little obtuse, but honestly there’s nothing I’d say needs changing. Other than more of it, that is! Maybe give us Shi’s devious puzzles for the rest of the week, because we’d be down for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, all of the days. No doubt about it!

The fact that the free version kind of acts like an advertisement for their other games is kind of awesome as well. There were even prompts to follow them on Steam or view their other games’ Steam pages. Nothing intrusive of course, just little easter eggs hidden within the level.

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Yu Escape / Monday wholeheartedly gets our full recommendation. Just the free base game alone is absolutely worth your time. And $3.99 for a bunch of extra naughty business is a steal! These types of games are very much up our alley and you can bet Backlog After Dark will be back with more from Team Tailnut in the future.

If you’re interested in trying out Yu Escape/Monday for yourself, you can find it right now on Steam!

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