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Backlog Review | Darksiders

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Darksiders Title

Darksiders has been a game that I’ve been wanting to play since I first saw a trailer for it way back in 2010. The combination of action, platforming and the artistic style instantly drew me in. This was my type of game.

The concept of Angels and Demons, the Four Horsemen and the apocalypse was also a huge selling point. How could Vigil Games go wrong and why wouldn’t anyone buy this game and play it if they could.

Well, as the years passed Darksiders inevitably got picked over for more current games or for games that happened to take my fancy at the time. It was always on my mind but for whatever reason I just could never convince myself to pick it up.

It wasn’t until four or five years after it’s release that I would grab it along with it’s sequel Darksiders 2 on a digital blowout sale on the Xbox 360. And once again there it sat for another couple of years, once again getting picked over for other games. Until today!


Darksiders Screen 1

One look at Darksiders and you’ll be wondering to yourself, “Hot damn! Why am I not playing this game right now?!”. The cover art and screenshots served up to you on the digital storefront are absolutely oozing with style. They are colorful and detailed showing wonderfully elaborate environments and intimately designed enemies.

In many ways the art direction in Darksiders reminds me of modern Blizzard. More specifically Diablo 3 and World of WarCraft.

Reading through the synopsis hypes us up with references to battles between Heaven and Hell, Apocalyptic Powers and betrayal. Urging us (subtly) that 19.99 isn’t that much money. And of course we agree!! We can skip buying coffee this week.

But it isn’t a question of if we should buy the game. It has already been set in stone. We willingly submit our credit card number. Our fate is sealed.

The Game

Darksiders Screen 2

As soon as you boot up Darksiders you are presented with a game that delivers on all of the promises presented to us in it’s (I’m assuming) meticulously crafted synopsis.

Stellar art direction, voice acting for days, action, Heaven and Hell, weapons, magical powers and a progression system. Everything you could want in a well made action adventure game.

Darksiders Screen 3

The more you play the more you see similarities and elements from other great titles in the genre. And this is a good thing. But something keeps nagging at me. Something feels off.

I should be loving this game and having a blast while I’m playing it but for whatever reason it just isn’t hooking me. The quests you are given start feeling repetitive and uninventive. The abilities you acquire never quite seem as useful or as powerful as they should. And although I keep unlocking new weapons I always seem to just want to use my giant assed sword.

But that voice acting am I right?!

Darksiders Screen 4

If I was to rate this game I would give it an “It’s OK” and recommend it to someone who doesn’t have anything else to play. I mean, Darksiders isn’t a bad game. I was never dissatisfied while playing it but I never felt satisfied either.

The way the game presented itself from it’s art design to it’s story was all spot on but the gameplay and level design just kind of dragged it all down.

It had so much going for it and I’m a little disappointed that it turned into a slog. But here’s hoping the second one knocks my socks off!

Darksiders Screen 5