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Let’s Backlog | Drakengard 2 – Part 10

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Nearly succumbing to Eris’ onslaught, our heroes escape her clutches. But after discovering Manah’s true past, will our hero be able to press on?!

The Wake of the One-Eyed Man

The last time we met, Nowe, Manah and Urick were on the brink of defeat as an old ally turned enemy, Eris, had ordered an overwhelming force of the Knights of the Seal soldiers to capture our heroes at all costs. Deeming them traitors and a threat to the “peace” the knights have brought to the world.

But, just as the situation was getting dire, the One-Eyed Man Caim arrives on the scene and causes enough havoc to distract the soldiers and allow our heroes to escape. 

Catastrophic Realizations

Jumping on the back of Legna, Nowe, Manah and Urick make their way back to the Village of Stone in hopes for enough of a reprieve to gather their thoughts and come up with a plan to overtake the next seal found in the District of Shining Life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be that easy as the Knight’s sky armada was lying in wait. With relative ease, Legna is able to punch through their forces, but our heroes hit yet another roadblock as Eris boards her massive airship to intercept them. 

Attempting to wrap her mind around the reasons why Nowe is allying with the likes of Manah, she tries to convince him that Manah is a dangerous witch and was the one who brought on the catastrophe so many years ago. Further, not only was she attributed to this catastrophe, but also the leader of the Cult of the Watchers who catalyzed the events that lead to it.

Torn, Nowe hesitates to fight back, but after being convinced by Legna that it’s his only choice and that he must fight to survive, he comes to his senses and orders Legna to shoot the airship down. Still unable to reconcile his feelings toward what he just learned, Nowe questions Manah about the truth of these accusations as they once again land in the Village of Sand.

Admitting that until this point, she had pushed her past from her memories, Manah finally acknowledges that she was the one who was responsible for the near destruction of the world almost two decades ago. Unable to face Nowe after revealing her harrowed past, Manah leaves the party with little notice. Confused by the entire situation, Nowe begins to question his actions and why Manah has decided to target the districts. Does she have ulterior motives or is she trying to atone for her past sins?

Knowing that they still have a mission to complete, Urick convinces Nowe that they must press on and make their way to the District of Shining Life, concluding chapter 6.

The District of Shining Life

As it turns out, we weren’t in too much of a rush to make our way to the District of Shining Life, because some new free expeditions were unlocked, giving us an opportunity to level up not only Nowe and Urick, but also Legna. It wasn’t the only benefit either because we were finally able to find two new weapons for both of our party members. That and it was the first new axe we received for Urick!

With the need to complete side missions out of my system, it was time to make haste back to the Blessed Plains and the infamous District of Shining Life. Infamous because although it is fortified with a multitude of soldiers, the last time Nowe visited this district (when he was still a part of the knights), the guardian was not there. But, this could be a good opportunity if the guardian is known to be careless and ever not present, because it leaves the seal wide open and the district easily toppled.

Unfortunately, as always, the knights are ready to intercept them on their way there. But it won’t be as easy as fighting them off this time. That’s because the district is protected by a powerful defensive barrier. Although it is near impossible for enemies to penetrate, the barrier is powered by a series of generators that if destroyed, would disable their defenses. Much to my surprise, the towers aren’t passive structures however and they quickly retaliate with powerful magical attacks. Making their destruction more challenging then they first appeared. Nonetheless, a little dragon magic goes a long way and Legna is able to dispatch them with relative ease.

Finally arriving at the District of Shining Life, Nowe and Urick are surprised to find Caim there… with Manah in tow! Urick apparently has been expecting his appearance though, but not divulging any further information we’re left in the dark with what that could mean. Instead of elaborating, Urick springs to action, engages with this mysterious man, and forces Caim to relinquish his hold on Manah, setting her free. But as our heroes are distracted, the Knights re-capture Manah and attempt to escape. 

As much as Nowe wants to help Urick with his fight, with Caim preoccupied they must divide and conquer, so Nowe sets out to find Manah. As expected though it won’t be quite that easy as an entire army stands before him and his objective. After realizing they can’t hold our hero back as he carves his way through their forces, the Knights prepare an air ship for their escape. Nowe’s valiant efforts aren’t quite enough as it turns out, because there were multiple decoys distracting him from his actual target, and the Knights along with Mana, slip through his fingers.