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Let’s Backlog | Drakengard 2 – Part 11

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Manah is once again captured by the Knights of the Seal, but will Nowe’s pursuit be an uphill battle as they stumble upon the Grand Shrine and an old mentor?

A Swift Escape

The last time we met, Nowe, Manah and Urick were making their way to the District of Shining Life, but upon learning that Manah was in fact the catalyst to the catastrophic event that nearly wiped out the world two decades ago, the party was somewhat disbanded. 

Despite the near non-reconcilable strife stricken upon our heroes, they are determined to continue their quest and arrive at the doorstep of the district. However, both Nowe and Urick are surprised to find Caim waiting for them, with Manah in tow! Distracted by Urick, Caim loses his grip on the former priestess and she escapes only to fall in the hands of the Knights of the Seal once again! 

A Hot Pursuit

Still struggling with the realization that Manah has brought so much pain to the world, Nowe questions if she is truly worth saving, but deep down he knows it’s the right move to make. In fact, she may be the key to usurping the Knights’ control over the world and its people. 

With renewed resolve, Nowe and Urick jump on Legna’s back and start their pursuit of Manah’s captors who have quickly fled to the protection of a skybound dreadnaut! The battle is precarious though as Legna needs to fend off the airship’s defenders while avoiding damage to the vessel that is transporting Manah. Because of this, it more often than not led our heroes to the brink of death on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, our mission is successful and the airship makes it to its destination, the Grand Shrine, with its precious cargo unscathed. For now.

As expected, it wasn’t quite so easy as knocking on the front door to continue our pursuit as the Shrine was protected by yet another magical barrier. Having encountered them before, Nowe along with the help of Legna made short work of the generators, disabling the barrier and leaving the Shrine wide open to our heroes’ invasion. 

Hollow Nostalgia

The Knights of the Seal expected such opposition though and surrounded the Shrine with their defenses. Regardless of the seemingly insurmountable roadblock, Nowe and Urick swiftly fight their way through and finally breach the threshold of the Grand Shrine.

The sight of the hall of the Grand Shrine makes Nowe reel, if only for a moment. Swearing he’d never return after breaking his ties with the Knights of the Seal, he feels both hollow nostalgia and seething hatred. That being said, his need to find and save Manah far outweighs his want to turn and run away, and so the party pushes forward.

The halls of the Shrine are labyrinthine however and each corner filled to the brim with soldiers, making their pursuit difficult. But after catching wind that General Gismore now has his hands on Manah, Nowe knew he had to make it to her all the faster. The only problem was that his quarters, found within the Royal Hall, was protected by a towering set of doors and the only hope of facing off against his once mentor, was to find the soldier that held the key. Fortunately, the key was not hard to find as the soldier that guarded the door, held it on their person. Now with the key in their possession, Nowe and Urick could finally make their way into the Royal Hall and ultimately Gismores chambers.

Unhesitantly bursting through the door, Nowe and Urick demand Gismore give Manah back, but as it is not in his best interest, he unsurprisingly refuses. Instead, he challenges our heroes, specifically Nowe, to a fight to the death. 

It’s an intense battle that truly tests Nowe’s skills, but General Gismore was more confident in his own skills than he should have been and Nowe rises victorious. Not satisfied with defeat however, Gismore has one last trick up his sleeve. Manah. Who is expected to be executed as the clock strikes 10. Feeling his heart drop, Nowe sprints to the only place she could be, but will he be able to make it to her in time??