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Let’s Backlog | Drakengard 2 – Part 13

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After the fall of the District of Shining Life and the death of a companion, our heroes make their way to the fifth and final seal, the District of Heavenly Time!

Life Immortal

The last we met, Nowe and Urick scrambled to save Manah from the clutches of General Gismore and his order of execution. Fortunately, our heroes were able to act quickly, and spring Manah from the dungeons before any harm could come to her. 

With renewed faith in the infamous magic user, Manah, our team heads toward the last of two Districts, the District of Shining Life, to hopefully topple it quickly as the Guardian is known to be absent more often than not. Nowe and Manah are surprised however to find that Urick, their companion and friend, is actually the Guardian, thus their enemy and the only way to continue their missions is to steal his life.

The Tower of Time

With Urick regrettably defeated and the key of the District of Shining Life destroyed, our heroes have no choice but to press on. Their destination, the District of Heavenly Time, the final key and hopefully the end of this arduous journey. 

Of course, the path there, like those previous, is heavily guarded by the Knights of the Seal. Even the air ways. But with Legna acquiring another powerful breath attack after the destruction of the fourth District, the opposition is easily overcome. Even the barriers that block the path of all intruders are quickly dispatched and our heroes set a path to the gates of the Heaven’s Clock Tower, a looming landmark and epicenter of the District of Heavenly Time. Before they can make it though, Legna is overwhelmed and shot down by a battery of power anti-air cannons!

With nothing left to do but land, Legna crashes into a bloody battlefield. Forcing his way through the endless waves of Knights of the Seal, Nowe finally makes it to the threshold of the Tower!

The Fragility of an Old Friendship

Breaching the Tower Gates, Nowe and Manah once again run into General Gismore and who appears at his side but, Eris! Still unable to understand why Nowe has sided with the rebels, Eris makes a stand to stop him, but Gismore wants to finish Nowe himself. Before he can attack however, Nowe charges forward and attempts to end Gismore’s life once and for all. It’s a fierce battle as their swords clash, but with a swift slash, Nowe strikes Gismore and brings him to his knees.

It isn’t the end though. Gismore now wounded, sheds his armor and reveals his true self. A sadistic man consumed by darkness. Seeing an opportunity Nowe charges forth again, but before he can thrust his sword through Gismore and finish him off once and for all, Gismore grabs Eris and uses her as a shield to protect himself. Before Nowe could react he impales his childhood friend. Shocked by the turn of events, Nowe is grief stricken, granting Gismore his escape.

With her dying breath, Eris reveals the location of the final key, the Hour Glass of Holy Sands.

An Eternity of Betrayal

Blocked from entering the Tower further, Nowe returns to the battle field as he awaits for Legna to return. He will be their only hope to make it to the top of the tower now. Worried about how long it is taking Legna to arrive, Nowe begins to fret, but he doesn’t dwell long as the Knights of the Seal are relentless! But perseverance pays off and his dragon friend finally arrives! 

Now, the only way to the key is up! So Legna, Nowe and Manah make it to the top of the Tower only to be faced with Seere, the hierarch of the Knights of the Seal. Manah’s Twin Brother. 

Seere appears to be no older than a child as his pact with Golem has sacrificed his ability to age. Urging Nowe and Manah to stop and trying to convince them that he is not their enemy, he begs for our heroes to think over what they’re attempting to do. But words alone won’t stop them and with Manah denouncing her brother’s allegiance, they push past him and head toward the Dais.

The assent through the tower isn’t an easy one. The halls are labyrinthine and the powers of the Hour Glass distort time, making battles sluggish and difficult to react to. As our heroes make it to the top and overcome the trials of the spiritual staircase, they are greeted once again by Seere who insists they stop g what they are attempting. But once again they refuse to listen.

Making their way to the Dais, they wonder who it is they will find as the Guardian that will stand in their way of the final seal. It’s only a matter of moments however before they discover that it is in fact Gismore! Now our heroes must face off against this menace and hopefully finally end his treachery!