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Let’s Backlog | Drakengard 2 – Part 14

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General Gismore must be defeated and the final district toppled, but will the death of a childhood friend break our heroes resolve?!

To Topple A Tyrant

The last time we met, Nowe and Manah were on their way to the fifth and final District, the District of Heavenly Time. But what awaited them was more opposition from the Knights of the Seal. To topple the district however, would require them to finally put an end to the tyrant General Gismore! But in doing so yet another sacrifice was made, this time in the form of Nowe’s childhood friend, Eris.

A Timeless Grudge

General Gismore stands before our heroes as the final guardian protecting the sacred key of the District. The only means to topple the fifth and final Dais. Not holding back, Gismore unleashes all of his power upon Nowe, keeping him at bay with relentless magical attacks.

Nowe is quick on his feet however and is able to unleash his own set of attacks keeping Gismore in check. Frustrated that this gifted child, that has never tasted true suffering, that has never felt the pangs of hunger, or oppression is able to stand toe to toe with him! Gismore explains that he was brought up during the times of the Empire and that because the world was unfair to him, that he would pay it forward with his own iron fist. But Nowe is unable to reconcile this sentiment. Confused as to why someone who has suffered so much would not use their power to make the world better, Nowe stands his ground.

Unable to get through to him, Nowe and Manah continue their attack and are finally successful at striking the killing blow. But Gismore won’t go down so easily, not without one last turn of the knife. Instead of going down silently, he destroys the final Dais himself, breaking the final seal and setting a series of events into motion and sprially the world once again into chaos! Explaining to our heroes that their intentions have been uninformed and that with this last seal broken, they may have unleashed something they could not fathom. As our heroes attempt to escape, Gismore’s words are cut short with a vast dark energy exploding from the dais and engulfing everything around it. 

Off in a distant fortress another seal is broken, that which was confining the vengeful red dragon Angelos. The dragon once bound by a pact to Caim and proclaimed the goddess of the seals.

The Red Dragon

Landing just outside of the Tower, our heroes run into Seere who has been lying in wait for them. Manah tries to justify their actions to Seere, but he is shaken by how dogmatic our heroes have been in their quest. He attempts to explain that by toppling the final Dais they have set free the final Seal, the Red Dragon thus dooming them all. Not only because the world is now teetering on the brink of chaos, but also because unlike the previous goddess, the Red Dragon is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Despite this Nowe and Manah must seek out the Red Dragon and stop her before she sets the world ablaze. Escaping won’t be easy however because even with their General defeated and the destruction of each of the Districts, the Knights of the Seal are relentless. They attack but for what purpose? They have already been defeated. After dispatching the final dregs of the soldiers, Nowe asks himself the same question. It is a meaningless battle, but as Legna aptly puts it, all battles are meaningless, but we must continue to fight if we wish to survive. It is their lives or ours.

As our heroes take to the sky a bloodcurdling scream is heard. One of agony and fury. It’s the red dragon! It seems that her objective is not to fight our heroes, but knowing that they must put a stop to her lest she lay waste to the human population, Lenga, Nowe and Manah engage. She is powerful, but Legna has also grown powerful and can hold his own and slows the attack of the Red Dragon.

A Foreboding Fortress

It will be a fierce battle, but Nowe and team decided to prepare before the battle. Some more battle experience and supplies will only help! They visit the Village of the Tower and clean up some loose ends in the lands surrounding the now toppled District of Heavenly Time. Starting in the air around the Hills of Dusk by clearing out the remnants of the Knights’ Armada and ending once again on the grounds surrounding the Tower which has now been infested with the remaining soldiers of the Knights of the Seal and monsters!

Now adequately prepared, it is time to continue their pursuit of the red dragon and put a stop to her reign of terror!!

A Broken Madness

The Red Dragon’s mind is broken, and after being bound by the final Seal for so many years she has gone mad. She is also livid with the result of becoming the seal. The humans have taken advantage of that power despite her not doing it for them as a whole, but for Him, in particular. Still confused and befuddled after being released, the red dragon questions why she decided to do such a thing and trains her focus on an old ally, Verdelet. Did he betray her trust?

Nowe and Legna pursue the Red Dragon away from the District of Heavenly Time. It seems as if she is being beckoned by another. Our heroes must be careful and keep their distance though as the Dragon is quite powerful! 

After tailing the Red Dragon for a while, she eventually leads them to a large castle in the middle of the mountains. Knowing it would be a mistake to land without thinking first, Nowe suggests Legna drops him off out of sight, where he will attempt to sneak into the fortress and try to discover what it is the Red Dragon wants here.

The fortress feels familiar to Nowe and leaves him uneasy. Feeling the same way Manah predicts that there must have been a tragic battle here as the air is heavy with death. As Nowe and Manah explore the abandoned fortress, they can feel the red dragon’s sadness and hear her wails from the depths. 

Unnerved by the oppressing darkness of the fortress, our hero’s continue to explore, trying to find their way to the courtyard and eventually stumble upon a treasure chest containing a key that’ll help them on their way to their destination. Before they can acquire it however, a golem of some sort, adorned with rusted armor, steals it and runs away. Frustration quickly sets in during their pursuit as the labyrinthine fortress’ hallways are filled with creatures resistant to our heroes’ magic, making the chase difficult! Following the armor through each corridor eventually leads Nowe and Manah to a small room where they are surrounded! It’s an intense battle, but with quick reflexes and a healthy dose of their healing potions, the team is able to outlive the magical armor. Upon defeating them, they acquire the needed key and can finally continue their excursion into the courtyard!

Upon opening the doors, Nowe and Manah spot the anguished red dragon, and standing before her is Caim! Does he intend to slay the dragon as well? Or was it his intention to release her and destroy the world? As our heroes approach, the dragon attacks, not intending to let these humans use her for their own means! But Caim steps in the way and protects Nowe. Shocked by Caim’s actions, as Nowe had assumed he would stand against them, the red dragon takes advantage of the confusion and uses the opportunity to escape.

Now our heroes must take to the sky once again to try and stop this reckless beast!

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