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Let’s Backlog | Drakengard 2 – Part 9

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With the third seal broken, it’s time to gather information about the remaining two, but Nowe and party quickly find out that good information isn’t always easy to come by!

The Third Seal Broken

The last time we met Nowe, Manah and Urick they had just barely escaped the one eyed stare of Caim as they fled from the City of Rust. Shaken by the discovery that Caim is in fact still alive, Manah reels with worry, but the team perseveres and continues their journey to the District of Precious Light protected by Lieutenant Yaha and his pact beasts, the Gnomes.

The District of Precious Light wasn’t the rundown fortress our group was expecting as it’s walls stood strong, and high and were guarded by countless soldiers aligned with the Knights of the Seal! The biggest threat though was its guardian Yaha. As he took pleasure in setting traps and forcing us to solve puzzles before we could reach him. And when we did, his pact partner, the gnomes, gave us more than a little trouble! Especially when they converged into the giant rock golem!! But we came out the other end victorious and broke the third seal, the Holy Crystal of Hallowed Light!

The Price of Information

Now with only two seals remaining, Nowe, Manah and Urick need to start gathering information on the final two districts. And what better place to find that information than back at the City of Rust!

Which as it turns out is still teaming with the dregs of the world, despite the district being set free. These people aren’t exactly the easiest to work with and left to their own devices, often cause trouble. As it turns out, intimidation with an iron fist is pretty effective, so our ragtag team scours the streets and eventually strong arm the infamous bounty hunters into giving up their information source.

Not exactly impressed with Nowe’s approach, the bounty hunters scheme to get back at them and report their return to the Knights of the Seal! Needless to say, a battle within the streets of the City of Rust breaks out, even drawing in its citizens who are inspired to fight back against their oppressors! However, it doesn’t take long for the Knights to resort to calling in monsters to aid them as they become overwhelmed! After a grueling battle, our heroes rise victorious and scare off their enemies!

Now free to gather the information they need, they’re set on a course to the Closed Lands where apparently they’ll find someone who is privy to secrets regarding the districts! Which led us to the end of chapter 5 and the beginning of chapter 6!

The Closed Lands Informant 

Now with a heading to follow, Nowe, Manah and Urick make their way to the Closed Lands, where they hope to find their informant and possibly some hints as to what they need to do to topple the remaining districts. To get there though, they need to pass over the District of Soul Flame.

Although packed to the brim with soldiers, there was little resistance passing through and our team quickly made it to the Closed Lands.  But as it turns out, the informant they were hoping to find wasn’t there anymore and instead they ran into our old friend Eris. Who is still blindly aligned with the Knights of the Seal. Deeming Nowe a traitor, she attempts to arrest each of our party members by force and ambushes us with a huge brigade of soldiers! But not only that, monsters and magicians!

It’s a tireless fight and Eris’ army is relentless, but just as things are getting dire, screams can be heard in the distance of the One-Eyed man returning! Nowe still focused on his revenge, is determined to fight the One-Eyed man, but upon learning that it is actually Caim (the man who saved the world almost 2 decade ago), he falters and instead follows Manah’s lead and decides to escape and fight another day.

Truly, the plot thickens and the turmoil between Nowe’s current mission and his past is fascinating and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!