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Backlog Reflections | Super Princess Peach

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That elegant and illustrious ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom battles more than just baddies in this self titled adventure, Super Princess Peach. For this Well-Red Mage Super Mario Multiverse collaboration piece Peach lets her pink flag fly with no regrets!

The Bee’s Knees

Everyone has at least one character from the Mario Universe that they love most of all. There may even be one that you feel you can identify with on a personal level. Maybe Mario’s endless fount of enthusiasm strikes a chord with you, or maybe Shy Guy’s introverted, yet mischievous shenanigans hit home when you look in the metaphorical mirror! How about Luigi’s ability to get the job done despite his crippling fear of…everything. Or maybe even Toad’s underappreciated yet still cheerful temperament. Honestly, the list goes on and on! But that means there’s something for everybody right? Nothing wrong with that!

Razz My Berries

Personally, I’ve always felt a certain kinship with that lovely lady of the Toadstool Kingdom, Princess Peach! No, I’m not particularly girly. I don’t own many pink or flowery things. I’m certainly not a princess either. Queen of sarcasm maybe, but I don’t think that counts. Where I feel we get along just fine though is that Peach is always unapologetically Peach. She is cute and sweet and proper, but that’s just who she is, and she has never tried to be anything else. I admire her greatly for that. Yes, I know she’s a fictional character created for a video game, but her creators never tried to change her either. Sure, she’s thrown on a pair of pants every once in awhile to ride a motorbike or play golf, but her signature look is that fluffy pink dress and according to her, it’s her favorite. I love that about her!

And that’s where her very own titled game comes into play. Super Princess Peach was released for the DS in Japan in 2005. A year later it graced the shelves everywhere else in the world. It is lauded as the bestselling DS game worldwide despite the many and varying criticisms it received upon its release.

Negative Perspiration

I’ll agree with the critics when they say that this game is a bit on the easy side and did a bit too much “hand-holding” for more experienced gamers to fully enjoy, but there’s nothing wrong with a simple game either. There are plenty of younger or less experienced gamers out there that appreciate a more relaxing gaming experience. Heck, I’m fairly seasoned as a gamer myself and sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and play a game you don’t have to struggle with ya know?

Ice It Man!

The other major round of criticism that Super Princess Peach received was in the much more precarious category of “sexism”. Now breath with me folks! This article isn’t about to slam into a feminist rant of any kind! It’s ok! Easy now! Still with me? Ok, good, let’s talk civilly about this!

The big complaint came from the fact that Peach uses her emotions, called Vibes, as her sort of special moves. She can burn things when she’s angry, float when she’s happy, heal HP when she’s calm, and make things grow when she’s sad. Personally, I don’t see the problem. I thought it was an interesting mechanic myself. Is it because she’s a woman that makes people so uncomfortable? I dunno, but no one batted an eye when the infamous “God of War” was using his anger to smash up Mount Olympus later that same year did they?

Peachy Keen

Really, I think what’s being overlooked here is that Peach is just being Peach. She’s not some feminist symbol trying to break or avoid any glass ceilings. She’s just being herself and using her abilities to get the job done; save the Mario brothers and all the Toads from Bowser’s typical nonsense. Really at its core Super Princess Peach isn’t all that different from any other platformer in the Mario universe. You run and jump your way through brightly colored levels, bouncing on enemies, solving a few puzzles, and then laying a heavy smack down on the bosses at the end. Sure, this game is injected with a massive dose of cute compared to the other Mario titles, but it’s also a Princess Peach game. Shower me with all that is adorable!

Peach is and always has been 100% her own woman and the game Super Princess Peach shows just how true that is. She handles every enemy and boss that stands in her way with her own brand of adorable butt-kicking style all without trying to stand in anyone else’s mustachioed shadow. I can only hope the future holds many more Peach protagonist perceptions and maybe even some collaborations with her other female compatriots, Rosalina and Daisy.

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