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Podcast Updates!!

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Afternoon one and all! It’s podcast update time and instead of posting a series of tweets for all of you to read, I thought I’d just post an update here! I mean, I have the fancy website, why not right?? Who wants to read tweet threads anyways.

So, lately I’ve been thinking long an hard about what I want to do with The Backlog Odyssey Podcast. So much so that I may be a little late with the March episode! Two weeks in fact. But I assure you, a new episode is still coming. Though it may not hit until the end of April this time around.

I say this because, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for me to not only continue with my Daily Backlog posts but also bring all of you a great and entertaining podcast. It’s still going to be monthly because I’m not crazy (nor am I an endless font of time) but it’ll make it easier for me to work on and it’ll give all of you more opportunities to contribute and engage with what I’ll be producing. That’s enough of these introductions though. Let’s get to the meat of these potatoes! I’ll warn you now, you may get some behind the scenes shenanigans too. 😉

Weekly Roundups

The first change is the inclusion of weekly roundups of the Daily Backlog. Well, technically a monthly roundup since you’ll be hearing all four at once. In the past I would just mention the games I’ve been playing and/or completed in the last month, but that doesn’t really cover what I’ve actually been up to. So, instead, I thought I’d take some time after each week to summarize what I’ve covered on the blog. Then at the end of the month combine it all into a segment for the podcast.

This is really for me and allows me to manage my time (and so I won’t forget), but I though a concise summary of everything we did since the last podcast could be fun! Oh, and I’ll also try to remember to post those weekly Twitter moments that link to all the posts we did that week as well.

Weekly Questions

Next up, is the questions and answers segment. Which happens to be one of my favorite parts of the podcast! This will remain the same for the most part, but instead of just sending out a random question just before I record the podcast, I thought it could be fun to do a weekly question. So at the end of every week, I’ll send out a random video game related question that you all can answer! Whether it’s by Twitter, email or in audio form, I’ll compile them all together and read through them at the end of the month.

I think this gives everyone more time to think about it and it’ll hopefully add some variety to the segment!

Monthly Theme

So this has been something that I’ve been doing from the start. Coming up with a monthly theme for the podcast that I can try and create a top 10 list of games for. This segment will still be showing up each month, but I’m going to shorten it from 10 games/topics to 4. So one game per week! Again, this is really a time management thing (so i can break it up weekly) but also because I really wanted to dedicate more time to each item I talk about. You know, add that over analyzed Backlog Odyssey twist. 😀

I’m also looking for suggestions for future themes so don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts! I can almost guarantee it’ll be considered. Unless of course it’s ridiculously outlandish. In which case I may just have to dedicate an entire episode to it!

Backlog Polls

Finally, the last topic I want to touch upon are the Twitter polls. Previously, these were supposed to be directly tied to what I played for the podcast, but I thought that was a bit limiting. I mean, I play and complete games much more quickly than 1 game per month. So, instead, I though it would be fun to just throw them up as I complete games. That way it’ll add a bit of randomness to the games I play and it’ll motivate me to try the games on my backlog that I normally overlook. If I just played the games I wanted to play then I’d be left with all of the stuff I’m least excited about come on the end! Then it would truly be a drag! Not like that’s ever really going to happen, but you have to prepare for the worst!

Anyways, I’ve been enlisting the help of my wife with this since she does an amazing job of digging up the most obscure games in our collection. And to be perfectly honest, it’s been a blast so far!

My Two Cents

Well, I think I’ve said my piece and I hope you all are excited to see the end product! And I’m always open to suggestion on the things you’d like to hear as well! In fact, send me your critiques, send me your suggestions and please please please let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time my dear backloggers, have a great rest of your day!!