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Backlog Review | HuniePop

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HuniePop Title

Alright folks, close the curtains and put the kids to bed. Snuggle on the couch with your significant other and prepare yourself for a puzzle game with a naughty twist. On the surface HuniePop seems like your average anime dating sim and really when you boil it down that’s exactly what it is. On the other hand though it’s the sum of HuniePop’s parts that make it an epic must-play. The artwork is phenomenal. The bejeweled-like puzzles have difficulty scaling to keep you interested. And while the characters are all unique and alluring their dialogue is, at best cringeworthy, but entertaining nonetheless.

HuniePop Screen 1

I purchased HuniePop on Steam a few years ago, more than likely from one of those irresistible Steam sales. Seriously, those sales get me every time and are a big contributor to my aforementioned backlog of unplayed games. So many good deals on games and too little time. Insert a sad face emoji and violins here if you like… I know. Anyway I digress.

I remember trying out HuniePop when I first bought it, however, the wife and I could barely keep our eyes open five minutes into a movie let alone waste precious “the baby is finally sleeping” time on naughty games. So when on the recent hunt for my next game to complete and write about I saw HuniePop and asked the wife what she thought. Too risque for a post? Too great a chance to offend someone? Maybe, but why shy away from a game that is just plain fun, naughty content or not.


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Now because of its R rated subject matter HuniePop and games like it tend to get a bad rep. Honestly it’s a game meant for adults and we are all capable of making our own decisions when it comes to what we feel comfortable with and what we don’t when it comes to our personal downtime entertainment. My wife and I are two such people where that type of thing doesn’t bother us in the slightest. Really it comes with the territory when you are a pair of anime nerds.

Those who have played HuniePop can attest that it has earned every positive review it received. The cover art with its bright colors and cute art style encompasses both the stereotypical puzzle game covers and anime dating sim covers that you are used to seeing. Nothing about it suggests it contains adult content, which I suppose could be misleading, but I think you would figure it out on your own pretty quick once you boot the game up.

HuniePop Screen 8

Steam doesn’t allow pornographic content in their store so the game is slightly censored in its original state. It will still have it’s fair share of nudity and explicit language, but no full nudity unless you download the accompanying patch from the developer’s site or download the game from a different distributer altogether of course. The choice is yours my friend!

The Game

HuniePop Screen 6

You start out HuniePop by choosing your character’s gender and while being either male or female doesn’t affect the game a whole lot it was a nice later addition and it would be great if eventually they added male characters to date as well. Something for everybody ya know?

The girls’ dialogue will change if you are male or female but only in how they refer to you (“Hey dude” vs “Hey sister”) and what sexual orientation they identify as (the girls will be heterosexual if you are male and homosexual if you are female). Also there will be a third variation of the unlocked picture from each sex scene if you’re a male character…. 2+2 people you figure it out.

HuniePop Screen 5

The voice acting for the game makes the already cringy dialogue practically unbearable, but thankfully there is an option to turn off the voices and just have a “boopy” text sound instead. It took my wife and I all of a few minutes to agree that no voices was the way to go.

After you’ve met each of the eligible ladies (excluding the secret ones) you will be able to purchase special items for them and in return Kyu the love fairy will send you items called date gifts. Each date gift can be used once per date and will cost sentiment, which is one of the puzzle pieces collected during the game. Once the date puzzles start getting more difficult these gifts will be your key to success and were honestly one of my favorite parts of the game. There’s a ton to collect and finding the right combination to help you pull off big combos is super fun. Each girl has their preferences for which puzzle pieces they like the best so you can change your date gift line up accordingly if you like. I found that to be a pain though so I just used the same set for all the girls.

HuniePop Screen 4

The “sex scene” puzzle is similar to a date puzzle in that you still have to make matches of three or more pieces but in this case the girls have no piece preference and you are timed with a “love gauge” that fills or drains based on how fast you are at making matches. The girls will remove clothing the more the gauge fills and once it is totally filled the screen will go black and you will unlock 1-3 pictures.

HuniePop Screen 3

Another great feature, one I personally always enjoy in any game, is unlockable characters. HuniePop has four unlockable girls to date. Two are pretty easy to unlock, you basically just have to play the game and the other two require a small but very random set of events that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own to do. The game can get a little tedious if you are trying to fill out all the girls’ profiles but the puzzles are fun and challenging enough that it’s really not difficult to stay interested long enough to get what you need.

HuniePot released another game that’s supposedly in the same vein as HuniePop but the artwork took a major nosedive and therefore so did my interest. Should they ever release a second HuniePop on par with this one or even more DLC I will definitely be on board. This was a fun game to play together with my wife and add some spice to our usual downtime game play. So if you’ve got an open mind, and doors to close, give it a shot!

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