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That’s What She Said…

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I Need a Mana Potion STAT!

So, my husband has been harassing me (lovingly, I swear) to add my name to the website and possibly write some posts of my own for it. Being the strong, confident woman that I am, I in return lovingly waved my finger at him and said “Baby, I love you…but no”. Mostly because I lied a little bit about the confident part of my personality, but also, I wasn’t quite sure how consistent I could be with my posts. Hey, I’m no “DaILy BaCKloGGer” after all (feel free to read that in a SpongeBob voice if you like…I did). Also, what would I write about?

Patrick and I usually play video games together. Not ALL the time of course, we aren’t weirdos…. well maybe we are, but not in that sense. Plus, I’m more of a “one game at a time” girl where Patrick could very well have four or more games going at once. So, I figured that it would be best to leave the gaming shenanigans for him to write about; that is his Nom to Geurre after all.

So, what the Giuseppe Crabapple would I have to write about? I’m a nerdy, stay-at-home mom who spends her days mostly cooking, cleaning, reading, and gaming. Gaming is life!! (I just had to put that in there…it’s so true! <3). Oh yeah and of course, I also take care of our 6-year-old son while ole Pixel Bites is busy bringing home the bacon. But he’s in school now so that leaves me with a savvy 6 ½ hours of unadulterated free time to……cook and clean…Yaaaaaaaaay…Meh the cooking part ain’t so bad. The cleaning is futile, but so is resistance apparently. With four fluffy cats, a 6 year old and a complete and utter lack of desire, resistance is totally futile. But I mean I gotta earn my keep somehow. Can’t always have the man and boy knee deep in baked goods amiright?

And here we are back to that age-old question again: What the Alabama Crab-dangle should I write about? Well, the best answer I can give you (and myself) is whatever relevant extra stuff we have going on at the moment. Sure, I might throw in some game talk here and there, but mostly I’ll throw down about the other stuff we obsess about. Like anime, manga, nerdy collectibles, our unhealthy obsession with The Great British Baking Show, whatever fits the moment you know?

Did I mention that I like to cook? I sure did! I’ll post pics and recipes for anyone interested in the things we (probably shouldn’t) stuff in our faces. Since I’m no Mary Berry get ready for some failures! Excited yet? Me too! Yaaaay!!!

Alright, I’m off to gloriously fail at a batch of iced buns! See you later!!

P.S. Later in the week I plan at trying my hand at a vegetarian version of the Otaku-licious classic dish known as Curry! Sore o tanoshimini shite kudasai! (Please look forward to it!)