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The After Dark Gauges

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Here at the Backlog After Dark we’ve made it our goal to seek out and highlight video games that not only feature the storied AO (Adults Only) rating, but also games that are downright great! Sure, there are mountains of games out there that merely feature screen-loads of voluptuously drawn bodies of all kinds, engaged in all manner of acts, but we’re on the hunt to find games that are actually fun to play as well. The internet machine is rife with pornographic material ready for consumption in any form you could ask for, but we think that video games with that extra special dash of naughtiness are something special worth talking about. So, we plan on playing as many as we can to find the best of the bunch!

We also understand that this can be a delicate topic for some and we plan on trying our best to eliminate any worries you might have before ever having to boot up a game of this sort. That’s where our handy dandy gauge system comes in!

These two gauges will appear at the tippy top of all of our reviews so you’ll be able to get a good idea of what to expect, even before you dive into the meat and potatoes of our review. We’re hoping this will help you see if the game is something that fits your naughty needs perfectly or if it goes too far beyond what you’re comfortable with. Or maybe the game in question will be too tame for you! Who knows? We’re here to judge the games, not the gamers you know? Anyhoo, let me just give you an idea of what each gauge means. You’ll also be able to find an at-a-glance graphic on the After Dark Gauges page, that will summarize what we’ll be explaining next.

The Gauges

The first gauge here represents the level of adult content featured in the game. The higher the level of this gauge the less that’s left to the imagination and the closer a game gets to being just straight up interactive porn. Level 1 means little to no nudity and any sexual acts are merely alluded to instead of shown directly. Level 2 typically will contain partial nudity (boobs and butts) and the sexual acts may again just be implied or featured, but not the focus of the game. Level 3 is where the naughty gloves really start to come off and a game will most likely contain full nudity and the sexual acts are typically an interactive portion of the game, but still there’s more story than sex. Level 4 on the other hand, features a game that’s basically interactive porn and nothing is left to the imagination. Full nudity and the sexual acts are the main core of the gameplay.

The second gauge represents the type of adult content you’ll find in a game. It’s a scale ranging from 0 to 100 and the closer you get to 100 the more likely the game is to feature explicit and/or potentially offensive material. This includes any and all kinks, fetishes, sexual violence, and non-consentual sex. Going above 50% on this gauge means you’re probably going to start encountering some tentacles, maybe some anthropomorphic characters, possibly even people under duress.

We really have no way of knowing ourselves what we’re going to encounter before we play through a game and while not many things phase us, we understand that while some gamers may be curious, they may also feel worried about having their experience ruined by content they personally deem unsavory. Well that’s what the gauges are for! Handy right? Just peek at the top of each review before diving deeper in and you should have a pretty good idea if this is a game you’d be interested in or not. Also, while the games themselves may be NSFW, any reviews featured on our website will be! Well at least as NSFW as a review can be that covers an adult themed game. While there will be screenshots from each game featured among the review, any naughty bits will be censored. And we will do our best to choose the most tasteful pictures available to us with no spoilers of course!

We’re a team here at Backlog After Dark and we know how hard it can be to find the time to enjoy gaming let alone a bit of naughty gaming. So, if you’re in the market for an AO rated game this is the best place to start! We play through these games first so you can find the right one to fit your tastes and your time! Please don’t hesitate to send us suggestions and feedback! We’ll always do our best to get back to you and take your comments into consideration! Keep up those naughty shenanigans my friends!

~The Backlog After Dark Team