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Being in between games is tough, but it also inspires me to experiment! That and eat lots and lots of little cookies!

100 Itty Bitty Cookies

Good afternoon backloggers! Now that I’m done with my 4.5 hours straight of meetings this morning, it’s finally time to sit down, have some lunch and reflect back on how awesome it has been writing these Daily Backlog posts!! I mean, we made it all the way through 100 and now it’s like a new era, the era of 100+ posts. I also want to thank all of you again for being there from day 1 and day 99. Oh, and a big congrats to the winners of the 100th Daily Backlog giveaway! I really hope you enjoy your games! I should be starting Celeste soon myself, so I’ll be excited to see if it lives up to the hype! I was also thinking of starting The Coma right after it since Devespresso was kind enough to send me that Steam code so I could give it away to a lucky reader! And I thought it only fair to send it through The Backlog Odyssey gauntlet.

But most importantly I want to thank my wife, because not only does she help me run things around here. She also baked 100 itty bitty chocolate chip cookies to celebrate us hitting 100 posts! Needless to say, they didn’t make it past the weekend. Each time I walked through our kitchen they were right within my line of sight and I was compelled to grab a hand full. They were tiny after all, so 50 little cookies equated to something like one regular cookie, right? My wife shakes her head no, in response, but I’m going to believe what I want to believe. I’m sure you guys are on my side.

Backlog Potpourri

You may ask yourself, eating dozens of tiny cookies couldn’t have been the only thing this guy has done all weekend?! And you would be right to ask that! I did do more than that… well, kinda. I say that because I’m still chipping away at Our World is Ended, which happens to be much longer than I expected. That and I want to save my final thoughts until I finish the story. Since that’s pretty much all it is, it would seem unfair to judge it before then. Then there’s Lapis x Labyrinth which I can’t really talk about yet on account of the embargo not being up until tomorrow. And finally, since I didn’t even start Celeste yet, all I can really say is that it looks like it’ll be right up my alley!

But, there was one little thing that I squeezed in that wasn’t on my backlog docket. Something I haven’t played in a while and decided to fire up just for the heck of it. Something I played with my wife and son. At the same time! And that was Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2! And let me tell ya, I forgot how fun this game is!! If you’re not familiar, it’s basically a 3rd person, class based, Team Fortress style games with the wacky and zany characters from the Plants vs. Zombies universe!

I have to say, my favorite part about the game is how lighthearted and over the top it is. Everything is silly and ridiculous, which is probably why my son loves it so much. That and it has zombies in it, which he has an unhealthy attraction to. He gets it honestly I’m sure (from this guy right here). And on top of all of that, there is some sturdy replayability in how EA and PopCap set it up. From the wide range of diverse and fun characters, to the unlockables you can gain from their loot box style card pack. Which will grant your characters unique and interesting abilities! Truthfully I was surprised and not surprised that there is still a very active player base for the game. At least on the Xbox One.

Although it’s not on the backlog and I probably won’t write too much more about it after today, I can’t help but recommend it. Especially if you’re looking for a fun and mindless shooter that you can play with your friends and family. It kinda takes away that intimidating feeling you’d get from trying to jump online in something like Call of Duty, but offers enough depth to keep even the hardest of hardcore players interested! That and it’s just as goofy and tongue in cheek as the original Plants vs. Zombies games. Which is A-Ok in my book. Oh and did I mention it has zombies? And plants I guess.

The Wonderful 101 is a Game You Should Play

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Kind of a hodgepodge of topics today since I’m transitioning between my current games and my new games, but it’s fun sometimes just to experiment with what you have in your collection. Though I guess you could say I do that on a day to day basis! Regardless, I’m having fun and I hope you are to!

Also, stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of The Daily Backlog because I’ll finally be able to talk about the mysterious Lapis x Labyrinth by NIS America! Which is super exciting because it’s been killing me that I couldn’t!

Until then my dear backloggers, have a great rest of your day!!

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Total Backlogged Games: 721 …calories consumed this weekend in cookie form

Total Completed Games: 27 …naps I took because of cookie Induced comas

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