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The Daily Backlog 105

It’s Friday here at The Backlog Odyssey, so it’s time for some off the top of my head backlog ramblings!!


Happy Friday backloggers!! Since it’s a Friday and there’s a long weekend coming up, I thought I’d take it easy today and ramble on about the first thing that came to my mind. I’ll also try to keep it a little shorter, so you can get back to playing those video games! Not that I’d ever ask you to drop everything you’re doing and read the sweet backlogged nothings pouring from my fingers. But enough of that, let’s get right into it!!

So, as I’ve mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been mindlessly playing a whole lot of Lapis x Labyrinth. And to refresh your memory, it’s that super frantic action RPG where treasures, numbers and cute anime voices explode across your screen with every swing of your sword. And as one does, while playing a game mindlessly, I’ve been critically thinking about it. You see, for the first few hours in Lapis x Labyrinth, you’re kind of given nothing to help you progress in the game. Short of the thousands of treasures you’ll pick up while questing through the deep and dark labyrinth. And you may be asking, “if you’re getting so much treasure, how come it’s not helping?”, well my curious little rhino, that’s because although you’re getting a lot of items, you can’t really do anything with them. Initially at least.

The Lopsided Grind

Sure, you’ll get new weapons and armor, but for the most part it’s only marginally better or significantly worse. Which meant, trying to grind for loot felt fruitless. That was until we discovered that once we beat an area (finish all levels and defeat the boss), things started to unlock in our little town. First, it was a store where we could finally buy or sell things, then it was a blacksmith where we could upgrade our weapons, and finally the most recent addition was a dojo, where we could upgrade our character’s attributes. Now that we started gaining access to these things, the game is really opening up and it’s making us feel like we aren’t just playing the game for the sake of playing it. We have goals to work towards now! Progress!

But, despite it adding a lot to the game, I also think the way Lapis x Labyrinth doles out these additions, is it’s biggest detriment. It just feels lopsided and unbalanced. In many games they have you work for your upgrades and stuff, but they always give you a means to do so, right out the gate. Lapis x Labyrinth on the other hand, walls all of this off behind its key story missions. Which means you’re severely handicapped until you reach that point. That being said though, now that we do have access to the things we should have had access to from the beginning, I’m ready to grind out that sweet, sweet loot. You know, and not feel like I’m constantly underpowered while doing it! I just wish it didn’t take so long to get here!!!

The Natural Number Following 104

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Lapis x Labyrinth is without a doubt a fun game, but just like Destiny 2, at times it just doesn’t want to put out that loot! Regardless, now that we’re starting to feel like we’re making progress, I’m really looking forward to seeing what crazy new gear we’ll be able to find!

Also, just as a quick aside, since the summer is almost upon us, I thought I’d let you all know that I’ll be changing The Daily Backlog schedule a bit. Mostly due to me having Fridays off during the entirety of it!! Nothing too extreme, just a change of pace. So, instead of writing 5 days a week, I’ll be cutting it down to 4 days (Monday – Thursday) and then leaving Friday open for some fun alternate projects. Like live streams, new videos, etc! And who knows, if the schedule works out, I may just adopt it for the rest of the year!!

Oh and one last thing, since it’s a holiday, there won’t be a Daily Backlog on Monday! I know, I know, I’ll miss you too, but I promise I’ll be back Tuesday.

Until then backloggers, have a great weekend!!!

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