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The Daily Backlog 106

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Lapis x Labyrinth by NIS America is out today and I tie up my final thoughts after a long weekend of hackin’, slashin’ and lootin’!

A Refreshing Loot-Fest

Good day backloggers!! We’re all back to the grind, but I hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with relaxation and video game tomfoolery! Because I know that’s what mine was filled with and it was great!! Which was mostly due to the fact that I was sinking my heart and soul into playing the crazy and over the top, Lapis x Labyrinth, trying to complete it before the weekend was through. And I’m happy to say that I was successful! Oh and if you’re curious about it, it’s available to buy today!!! But enough of these shenanigans, let’s just dive right into my final thoughts on this game.

Just as a refresher, Lapis x Labyrinth is a side-scrolling, dungeon crawling action RPG where your sole goal is to hack and slash your way through dungeons filled with hordes of enemies, all the while squealing Japanese at a high frequency and collecting loot by the truck load. And that is pretty much the gist of the game. That’s not even a lie! Right out the gate, you’ll figure out exactly what this game is and whether or not you like it. Luckily, it happened to fall on the “I kinda like this game” side of things for me, but your mileage may vary.

Effortlessly Absurd

I say that because, if you want complex systems and a quest log filled with interesting and intriguing plot lines, you’re not really going to find it here. Instead, you’ll find yourself mindlessly racing against the clock as you watch a firework show of treasures filling your screen. On the other hand, if you like watching the numbers tick upwards, sifting through hundreds of items trying to decide which ones will suit the situation best and then finding ways to fine tune your stats, this game may be right up your alley!

Although I very much enjoyed my time with Lapis x Labyrinth and its gorgeous aesthetics – it’s frivolity could only take it so far. That is, it had me securely hooked, right up until I rolled the credits and then kinda fell off. But you may be saying, “What are you on about Patrick? You beat the game, of course you’d fall off!”. Well, that’s not necessarily true, because there are some end-game quests to clean up!! But alas, it didn’t take my wife and I long to say we’re finished. And that was primarily because a hulking “grind-wall” hit us like a ton of gilded bricks. You see, up until we beat the game, we were cruising along without a care in the world. Happily collecting our loot, occasionally swapping equipment out for stronger gear and then once in a blue moon we’d grind for some money so we could afford upgrades. But once we beat the “main game”, the grind fest really kicked into high gear. No longer did the new stages just require you to make sure you have the next best thing equipped. Instead, they require you to really farm for that loot because the required levels started rising exponentially! So much so that after the first two quests we were extraordinarily under-leveled!

Which, I mean, in a world where I didn’t have other games to play or had and endless amount of time to focus on something like this (like in my youth), I’d be all for it. I do enjoy a good grind-fest here and there after all. But at this point I can’t see me doing that. That being said though, I truly enjoyed my time with Lapis x Labyrinth and I’ve actually been missing playing it. So that’s saying something! It has that classic NIS charm, beautiful graphics and the absurd over the top mechanics that I’ve always loved in their games. Like I said, you’re mileage may vary with such a game, but I can’t help but recommend you check it out. Especially if you’re like me and have a penchant for the absurd and over the top!!

If you’re interested in checking out Lapis x Labyrinth, you can find it right now on the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop for $29.99:

Lapis x Labyrinth (Switch)

Lapis x Labyrinth (PS4)

106 est le Cent Sixième Nombre

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for this fine Tuesday! Knowing that NIS still produces games like Lapis x Labyrinth, really makes me excited. It brings me back to the PS2 days and I’m really looking forward to checking out some more titles from their more recent library!! Actually, now that I think about it, I may have one other game from them on my backlog. Hmmm, I may just have to figure out a way to manipulate a poll so I can play it….

Until next time backloggers, have a great rest of your day!!

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