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The Daily Backlog 109

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It’s Friday, so that means it’s time to print off our itinerary to Backlogsville and plan for a weekend full of gaming!

Strawberry to Death Ratio

Happy Friday backloggers! Since it’s coming on the end of the week and we’ll have some time to sink into our favorite hobby, I think it’s our prerogative to start thinking about which games we’ll be playing! Well, I kinda do that regardless of the day of the week, but hey, it’s fun to take the time to really ponder the important stuff you know? And being the one running a gaming blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t break down, in detail, what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be obsessing over for the next couple of days!

First off, and I’m sure this comes as no surprise as I’ve been talking about it and posting “impressive” runs all throughout the week on Twitter, I’ll be trying to sink as much time as possible into the beloved Celeste. And if time permits, I’m hoping to have yet another completion under my belt! So far, I’ve completed up through the fourth chapter (with the b-side still remaining) and probably another four chapters to go? If my research doesn’t fail me that is. And the more I play it, the more I’m seeing my skills at avoiding death and collecting strawberries, has been improving! That is, my strawberry to death ratio has slowly been evening out. It’s still not 1:1 (closer to 15:1) and I doubt it’ll ever be in favor of the strawberries, but at least it’s progress!! Actually, I’m kinda starting do view my death count in it as a kind of trophy. You know something you call hold up in front of your friends to impress them and brag that they don’t understand the hardships you’ve been through!

But one of my favorite parts of playing it so far, has been how the devs find new and interesting ways to integrate Celeste’s relatively simple mechanics into complex and exciting puzzles. Each time I finish a chapter I wonder what they’ll come up with next, and how the heck they could ever make it harder in the b-side mode. It doesn’t take me long to figure that out though.

One Panty to Save the World

The second game on the docket for this weekend, is actually a game that my wife has graciously opted to review for the site! It’s also one that we received from the anime import masters PQube! And that game my friends, is Punch Line! Which if I’m going to be perfectly honest, looks pretty dang fun!

Punch Line is another visual novel similar to the other VN from PQube that we’ve been playing, Our World is Ended. Except this time around, it looks like the devs went the extra mile and added fully animated anime cutscenes and 3D graphics!! The game looks super colorful, goofy and fun, and I’m excited to see how it turns out, and how my wife takes to it.

I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be playing it myself, but with the plethora of other games that I have ready and waiting for me, I’m just glad that we’re able to shed some light on it! I’m also super excited to get another review up on the site from my wife, so definitely keep you eyes peeled for her impressions sometime in the next week or two!!

Now this is Loot!

And finally, the last game we’re planning to play and sink some major time into this weekend, is the exact game my wife and I have been pining for since we started Destiny 2 a month or so ago! And that’s Borderlands 2!!

Although, we’ve already played this game, we thought we’d be doing ourselves an injustice by not playing it! You know, get the loot-fest juices flowing in preparation for the third game coming out later this year! I’m super excited to jump back into Pandora, fight off a ton of overbearing and psychotic bandits and bathe in the glory of millions and millions of randomly generated guns!! Man… so excited!!

I mean, we probably could have just played the Pre-Sequel since it’s still technically on our backlog, but we actually wanted to play a game we KNEW was the shlooter of our dreams. And who knows, if we still have the itch after beating 2, and 3 hasn’t been released yet, we may still jump into it yet!

109 is also the Atomic Number of Meitnerium

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for this fine Friday! Lots and lots of games to look forward to this weekend, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Oh, and before I forget, you might notice that Our World is Ended is no longer on the “Now Playing” list. That’s because, after not playing it for over a week now, I’ve come to the realization that I’ll probably never come back to it. Well, at least not for a while. It was certainly a fun game, but with its 40 hour playtime, I’d probably never beat it!! I’ll still keep it on my backlogged list though. Mostly to remind myself that it’s still there and so I can revisit it when the time is right.

And now that you know what I’m playing, I’d love to hear your weekend video game plans!! So, send them my way and let me know what you’re currently obsessing over!

Anyways backloggers, I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week!!

Currently Playing

Celeste (Xbox One)

Punch Line (Steam)

Borderlands 2 (Xbox One)

Total Backlogged Games: 721 …Number of times I tried to convince myself to keep playing Our World is Ended!

Total Completed Games: 28 …to one, my current death to strawberry ratio!!

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