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The Daily Backlog 110

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Let’s take a break from the mountains of insanity (Celeste) and talk lootin’ and shootin’ in Borderlands 2!

From Mountains to Meat Bicycles

Good day backloggers!! After a long four day absence, I think it’s time to get back to what I’m good at. Rambling about the games I’m playing! I know, I missed you too, but I’m back now so there’s no need to worry. Actually, the only thing you need to worry about is my sanity after trying to beat the latest B-Side challenges in Celeste lately, but I’ll save that for another day. I’m on the homestretch after all and I thought it would be better to give Celeste one last dedicated hurrah once I beat it! Though I did hear it had some new DLC in the works that adds a whole new chapter, so I may revisit it in the future anyways!!

No, today, instead of reminiscing on my Celeste woes, I thought it would be fun to dive into one of the other games I’ve started playing. One that my wife and I have been longing for since time immemorial (a month or so ago). The piece of software that puts Destiny’s loot game to shame (in my opinion anyway). The one, the only… Borderlands 2!

Let’s Talk Loot

So, as I’m sure you gathered by me plainly stating it, the wife and I have been playing a whole bunch of Borderlands 2 these past few days. And right off the bat I have to say, it’s almost night and day when compared to the likes of Destiny 2. You know, the other looter shooter I’ve been playing. I say that because, no only does Borderlands 2 shower you with tons and tons of fun loot that you’ll be swapping between constantly. It just has so much more personality. Unlike the mindless, grindfest that tries a little too hard, Destiny 2.

I mean, I can’t say much about Borderlands 2’s story, nor is it the best feeling FPS on the market. In fact, it feels a bit stiff and clunky at times. But there’s just something about it that’s mindlessly fun, quintessentially so I might add. Which is far and away much better than being mindlessly grindy, or mindlessly grandiose, but can’t deliver on its promises. And I think it’s a combination of many of the design choices used to make the game! I know that seems obvious, but apparently it’s not as common as we would all like.

Straight as a Finger Pizza

Although it may be a relatively straightforward game with regards to it’s quests and side quests, the fact that you’re constantly rewarded with exciting new gear every step of the way, makes you want to come back for more! That and your ability to completely customize how your character plays by fine tuning their abilities as well as utilizing the super handy “Badass Points” makes each playthrough unique and fresh! Oh, and if you get tired of one play style, you can just reset your ability points and redistribute them to your heart’s content! For a small fee of course but the cost is more than worth it. The goofy and absurd dialog and characters also helps a lot too! But there’s just something about seeing an explosion of brightly colored loot shooting from your most recently vanquished adversary that gets the endorphins flowin’.

It’s not just about the amount of loot you get either! It’s the crazy variety! From corrosive rocket launchers to extremely rapid fire electric pulse rifles! They may not all be useful, but they’re all fun to play around and experiment with! Actually, what I really think it all boils down to is that in Borderlands 2, there’s always something to work towards. And regardless of that goal being big or small, like reaching the next level to upgrade you favorite ability or finding that badass incendiary sniper rifle, Borderlands 2 is just plain fun. And ridiculous. And addicting… so so addicting.

52 + 62 + 72

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Borderlands 2 really is a super fun game, and the fact that I’m able to play it cooperatively with my wife makes it all the more fun! Especially since we don’t have to use that horrendous split screen functionality anymore! I gotta say, having your own screen to sort through your inventory is simply blissful!!

And with Celeste coming to a close in the very near future, I need to start thinking about what I’ll be playing next. That is if the chapter 7 B-Side and the entirety of chapter 8 doesn’t do me in by then. Maybe I’ll do a shoot em up or something, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve dodged and weaved through a curtain of pink bullets.

Until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your day!!

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