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The Daily Backlog 113

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Today it’s all about Nintendo and Square Enix E3 thoughts, more eerie high school hallways and maiming plug ‘n’ play MAME machines! Wah wah waaahooo!

A Beacon in the Dark

Good day backloggers!! Since we’re still in the thick of E3 and it would be impossible for me NOT to talk about what Square Enix and Nintendo are bringing to the table over the next year, I thought I’d fill a few pages up again today with my thoughts! Not to be outdone by all the hype though, I promise I’ll talk about what I’ve been up to as well! You know, since that’s what these posts are supposed to be all about!! So, without delaying it any further let’s get my stuff out of the way before we dive into the E3 hype fest!

First up, let’s talk The Coma: Recut. Which after sinking a couple of hours into, I think I’m starting to get a feel for what this game has to offer. That is, it’s stressful and infuriating at times and utterly alluring at others! You see, even though I love the eerie atmosphere and the graphic novel aesthetic, there are a few things that are holding me back from absolutely loving it! And that’s primarily it’s sound design, which gets in your way and the horribly clunky controls that make stressful situations (like trying to escape a killer) cumbersome and frustrating to deal with.

More often than not, the background music will mask the sound of your approaching adversary leaving you little time to react when they pop up out of nowhere! It also doesn’t help that the controls are unresponsive, meaning that even if you did have time to react, you won’t necessarily do what you planned on doing. Like turning off the “enemy beacon” known as your flashlight! Obviously Devespresso is doing something right though, because I keep wanting to come back for more. Mostly so I can see what’s up with this dark and creepy otherworld and why the heck my teacher wants to kill me so badly! But I guess that’s it’s real appeal, it’s intrigue and the mystery surrounding the story, I just wish the gameplay was a little more polished!

60% of the Time it Works Every Time!

So, you may recall that I’ve been tinkering away on a little project I came up with where I wanted to mod a Namco plug ‘n’ play arcade thingy and convert it into a self contained MAME box thingy. Filled with all of my father’s favorite classic arcade games, including one of my personal favs, Galaga. Well, I’m happy to say that since we last we spoke of it, I’ve made no progress!! But I’m even more happy to say that I’ve ordered the final parts to finish it up. Which should hopefully get here before Father’s day!

Initially, when trying to figure out how to wire up the controls in this little device, I was going to figure out some way to Frankenstein the buttons and jerry rig the wires around so that they could “seamlessly” hook into my Teensy (the device I’ll be using to emulate a gamepad). But after careful consideration, I decided to go the less “I don’t know what I’m doing” route and pick up a “perma-proto” PCB to make it look like I “ACTUALLY” know what I’m doing. Well, at least it’ll make routing the wires and consolidating the parts into a tidy package a little easier.

But after that task is complete, I should basically have a working unit and the only thing I have to worry about is trying to figure out how to route the power and video out of the shell. Which I’m hoping a set of panel mount USB and HDMI extension cords should help with that. I’ll keep you all posted though with my progress and (cross your fingers) I should have something to showcase really soon!!

Top Heavy

Image from Square Enix Press Center

Okay, I think it’s about time we get to the good stuff and talk about some of my thoughts on the next two E3 showcases I was able to consume like a contestant during a hotdog eating contest! That is, I inhaled them, nearly choked and regretted my life choices after the fact. That last part may or may not be true.

So, the first conference I dove into was Square Enix’s. The developer/publisher that I’ve followed since way back in the day when they were simply known as Squaresoft, and Enix was some other JRPG developer that wasn’t Squaresoft who happened to make the StarOcean series! And let me tell ya, they led off their show with a bang! Blowing all of our minds by showcasing the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Image from Square Enix Press Center

Now I know there a bunch of FFVII apologists out there and many others that think the game is overrated, but to me, FFVII was the first JRPG that truly solidified my love for the genre. Sure, I played others before then, but at the time, it really demonstrated what we could do with the budding power of 3D graphics, cutscenes and sound design! I’ll admit it certainly hasn’t aged well, but that’s why the remake is so exciting! Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to playing it. I am a little skeptical of the episodic nature and the whole full-priced first episode, but I think I’ll get over it.

Image from Square Enix Press Center

Other than Final Fantasy VII though, there really wasn’t much else to get excited about. Well, I can’t say that, there were definitely some more titles I’m looking forward to, like the Crystal Chronicle Remaster, a game my wife and I played to death on the Gamecube, Dying Light 2, because who doesn’t need more zombies, and Oninake, a fun looking action RPG about helping spirits pass on to the other world! But for the most part the conference was just filled with remakes, remasters and games I didn’t really have any interest in. It was apparent though that Square Enix was catering to a wide variety of fan bases and presented updates and games that were meaningful and exciting for everyone! So, good on them! The only strange part was Square Enix saved one of their more titillating reveals for the Nintendo Direct!

Directly from Nintendo

Image from Nintendo E3 Press Kit

And speaking of the Nintendo Direct, this year’s E3 helping was quite impressive! Like on the same level as Microsoft’s! Well, in the fact that both had a ton of games I will now be anticipating and drooling over for the next year or so. Games like Luigi’s Mansion 3, the Link’s Awakening remake, Astral Chain, Cadence of Hyrule and Animal Crossing New Horizons!! And let’s not forget the huge surprise at the end where they teased us with a sequel to Breath of the Wild!!! All the Nintendo goodness you could want really. Even the games Square Enix saved just for us Nintendo fanboys like Trials of Mana, the remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, the third Mana game that never made it to the west. As well as, a Collection of Mana, the compilation of the first three Mana games including the original (and localized) version of Seiken Densetsu 3. Honestly I could keep going on because it was 90% games I would want, short of all the Smash Bros. updates they tried to excite us with, but I’ll hold off on that, lest I make another novel.

Image from Nintendo Direct E3 2019

All in all, including the conferences I watched today, I think this E3 season has been pretty solid with plenty of games to make all of our wallets hurt. And just for my entertainment and your information, here is a complete list of my top picks from the Nintendo and Square Enix pressers (with little comments of course):

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Nothings gonna stop me from getting this!!)

Crystal Chronicles Remaster (I wonder if they’ll pack in a GBA link cable?)

Dying Light 2 (I should probably play the first one first)

Oninaki (Action + RPG, the best combo in all of gaming!)

Image from Nintendo E3 Press Kit

Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Luigi > Mario)

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake (One of the best Zeldas out there!)

Trials of Mana (Because Seiken Densetsu 3!!)

No More Heroes 3 (Gotta get me some Suda51!)

Panzer Dragoon (Because I should probably play one of these)

Astral Chain (Platinum <3)

Cadence of Hyrule (Zelda + Necrodancer?! No questions asked!)

Animal Crossing New Horizons (I may not see my wife for a while after this)

Breath of the Wild 2 (Because it would be blasphemy not to put that here!!)

Image from Nintendo E3 Press Kit

So many games!! And this is why I love this time of year!!

The Natural Number Following 112

Well my lovely backloggers, I think it’s time to call it for today! Another long one, but honestly, I can’t help myself when there’s so much fun stuff to talk about!! I’m thinking now that the excitement of E3 is winding down, I’ll probably try to keep the next couple posts a little shorter. You know, give your reading muscles time to recover.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

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