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The Daily Backlog 114

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Balancing side quests and completing playthrough one of Borderlands 2, but can we keep the pace to make it to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode?!

The Art of Omission

Happy hump day my midweek backloggers!! After looking back on the past two days, I’ve come to the realization that I probably met my “yammer quota” for the week, and I should probably give my fingertips and your eyeballs a break. You know, save all these digital trees for a change, instead of filling up pages and pages and needlessly contributing to virtual global warming. Because trees are used to make paper, and traditionally your write on paper, but this word doc is… you know what? I should probably stop trying to explain the joke!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to lead off today’s post with my first accomplishment of this week! And that’s that my wife and I finished our first playthrough in Borderlands 2! Leading up to the final sequences and actually fighting the final boss, I really think we were starting to hit our stride in how we are going to pace ourselves through this next playthrough. With our goal being, getting to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, before we try to tackle the DLC and most of the side quests.

Do We Have the Restraint?!

Initially, when we started the game, we were playing it like we would any other game that included a bazillion side quests used to distract you from the main story. And that was playing every single one of them before ever moving on to the next story arch! Then we were quickly reminded that it would be a huge waste of our time to do that because in order to see the best stuff in the game and reach the max level (where the best loot is), we’d have to beat it twice. So, we painfully tore ourselves away from doing all of the side stuff and purely focused on “bee lining” it through the story.

Which went swimmingly… at first. Once we started hitting the final third of the game, we were starting to become underpowered. You see, the game is set up so that after completing a new story mission, the enemies increase in power. With the assumption that you’d be doing some side quests in between to keep pace. And let me tell ya, just focusing on the main stuff will not give you enough experience!! After coming to that realization, my wife and I turned up our “do every side quest” meter a few notches and found a happy balance. One that would have us complete each playthrough in a decent amount of time and allotted just enough side quests so that we wouldn’t get burnt out before we got to where the “real game” starts.

We may have fallen off the bandwagon a couple times and played a little more than we needed. But after an extended play session last night we were able to complete it! Though we did have a slight heart attack when the final quest glitched on us!! Luckily, just shutting down the game and restarting it fixed the issue. Now it’s time for True Vault Hunter Mode!!!

114 is the Level Cap of Today’s Post!

Well my friendly neighborhood friendly peoples, I think I’m going to leave it at that! See, I told you I’d keep it short today!! Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it myself! So far I’ve really been enjoying replaying Borderlands 2 and I’m excited to get to the “end-game”, but I’m also worried that we’ll get burnt out before then. Though if we keep the pace we’re going at, I have faith we’ll at least get there. Who’s to say we’ll do a complete third playthrough, but time will tell!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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