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The Daily Backlog 115

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It’s all about future backlog plans, taking a bite out of game reviews and more Destiny 2!!! Say what?!

Backloggin’ for the Summer

Good day backloggers!! Since I’ve pretty much expended all of my creative juices this week, what with all the E3 shenanigans going on, and I’ve exhausted all the information I can regarding the progress I’m making in each game I’m currently playing. I thought I’d wind down the week with a little foresight into what’s coming next here at The Backlog Odyssey! Starting with, what the heckfire I’ll be playing after The Coma and Borderlands 2 has been licked clean from the dinner plate of my backlog!

Image from Playstation.com

Well, it may be a bit early to really start planning what I’ll be playing next, mostly because I’m still in the thick of my current ventures. But me being me, I can’t help but daydream of what’ll be gracing my screen in the near to far future. For one, I know I’ve been thinking a whole bunch about playing another “souls” game after seeing the teaser trailer for Elden Ring from FromSoftware. And looking at my backlog, there are a couple that match that criteria, like the remaster of Dark Souls itself on the PS4 and then the Koei Tecmo hack n’ slash that seems to have grown a significant cult following, Nioh.

Image from Super Neptunia RPG Presskit

But then there’s also a few longer games on the list that I’d really like to play and review from our friends over at Idea Factory! Which includes, the recently released Dragon Star Varnir and the soon to be released, Super Neptunia RPG. And then there’s the Drakengard series. It always seems to crop up in my mind from time to time. I absolutely loved the Nier series (which is based in the same universe), and I feel I’m obligated to experience its origins! Most likely though, I’ll probably jump into Super Neptunia RPG first, since I’ve been anticipating it’s release for a while now.  But when it comes to the next game my wife and I will try and tackle together, that’s an entirely different can of worms!! Maybe we’ll do something more obscure like Dante’s Inferno or Full Throttle or maybe even start up the new Wolfenstein games! Though we might be FPS’d out by then.

A New Game Bites!

Speaking of reviews, I do have one last surprise for all of you, coming in the very near future!! And that’s a brand spanking new Game Bites review, which I haven’t done one of those in a long time! For those that don’t know what the flip I’m talking about, Game Bites was a video review series I’ve done in the past for my YouTube channel. Usually I’ll script my thoughts, talk them into a mic and cut some video of gameplay from the game I’m reviewing into it! They were always fun, but they also take a lot of work to produce so I haven’t release a new one in a long time.

But with summer hours here and me taking Friday’s to dedicate to “side projects”, I thought it would be fun to try making a new one. Though based on how fast I can crank it out, I may not be able to actually get it to you until later this weekend or early next week. The difference this time being, I’ll also be publishing the audio only version to my podcast feed, and uploading my script to the blog for all of you word readers out there!! You know, so you can read along if you’re so inclined.

Anyways, look forward to seeing that pop up in your feeds super soon and I hope you enjoy!! I know I’m having fun with it!

My Destiny is to Never Stop Destiny-ing

And my final update for this week, is that, kinda out of the blue, my wife and I will be teaming up with our old Destiny 2 team and attempting that forsaken raid again!! This time around we should hopefully have a full 6 person group so it’ll make some of the puzzles we were sweating bullets over last time a bit easier.

Also, I think the hardest part will be getting back into the game! Especially after ruining ourselves with the slick and addicting Borderlands 2! And speaking of which, we should probably squeeze some in before the weekend, just to re-orient ourselves and get back up to speed. You know, so we’re not the ones holding the team back. My guess, for why my brother and his friends all of a sudden called upon us to help them this weekend, was probably because the big Destiny 2 update was just pushed. Where the max power level was increased and a brand spankin’ new raid was added.

I doubt we’ll get into any of that stuff, but I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how much better we do this time around. And I guess we’ll find out come raid time!! I’m sure I’ll have some stories for all of you next week!

115 has a Square Sum of Divisors

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today and the week! Really looking forward to a long weekend of game playin’ and I’m anxious to see if we can actually beat the Destiny 2 raid this time around. Regardless it should be fun, and if not, we always have Borderlands 2 to fall back on!

Until next week my dear backloggers, have a great rest of your week, a fantastic weekend and a wonderful day!

Currently Playing

The Coma: Recut (PlayStation 4)

Punch Line (Steam)

Borderlands 2 (Xbox One)

Total Backlogged Games: 720 … the number of failed attempts I’m sure we’ll have during the raid!

Total Completed Games: 29 … the number of games I’m currently debating to play next!

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