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The Daily Backlog 117

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Today I ponder more lootin’ and shootin’ in Borderlands 2 and the fabled Nintendo Switch Mini!!


Good day backloggers!! Since it’s been a relatively slow week this week, I thought I’d take the time to catch you all up on my progress in the fantastic Borderlands 2! That and mumble about these rumors we’re hearing about the fabled Switch Mini. You know that slimmer, more portable focused version of the uber successful Nintendo Switch.

So, for what seems like a lifetime, my wife and I have been plugging away at Borderlands 2. Which you probably surmised from my comment above. With the sole goal to reach Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (basically New Game++) as fast as possible. The reason for this, is to reach a point in the game where your odds of finding the best and funnest gear is the highest! Normally when we play Borderlands, we’ll do all of the side-quests, take our time and try to experience everything in our first playthrough. Which means, by the time we hit Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, we’re usually burnt out and end up quitting. We didn’t want that to happen this time around!

And so far, it’s going quite well!! Currently we’re about half way through True Vault Hunter mode and it looks like we’ll actually realize our dreams this time! Since the main campaign doesn’t give you enough experience to deal with the later story missions, we still have to do the occasional side-quest or DLC, but that’s ok. In fact, I’m kinda glad we’re doing that, because focusing purely on the story can be a drag sometimes as well!

This time around, we decided to do the “Torgue Campaign” labeled Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, where we have to battle 6 other competitors within the Badass Crater of Badassitude in order to win the honor of opening the very lucrative Vault hidden under the arena. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite series of missions purely due to the fact that Mr. Torgue is constantly spewing his ridiculousness every step of the way!! It also reminds me that there are plenty more over the top antics in store for us in the rest of the DLC, so I’m super excited to finally reach our final playthrough!

Play in your Hands not on the TV

Alrighty, time to weigh in on the rumor mill! I know, it’s a dangerous thing to weigh, but sometimes you need to take risks you know? Well, after seeing a few things here and there about this mysterious Switch Mini that everyone is hot and bothered about, it makes me wonder if a “Switch Mini” is something I’d be interested in. Or better yet, what could Nintendo do to make it more appealing to someone like me, who isn’t quite as interested in a “portable only” console.

First off, let me say that Nintendo possibly releasing a version of the Switch that caters to what many fans use it for, that is, playing games on the go, is a brilliant idea. And the fact that it’ll supposedly be all one piece instead of having detachable controllers (JoyCon), will make it a much more sturdy piece of hardware. And child friendly for that matter. I mean, I’ve never been a fan of the JoyCon to begin with and it has always felt like they were going to pop off (or break off) at any moment. My only hope is, if that’s the case, Nintendo does some work on improving the quality of their analogs in those things. I just shudder at the thought of suffering from chronic JoyCon drift with no easy way to fix it. If it happens to you now, you don’t have to crack open the entire console to replace the parts. And that my friends would make me lose sleep and grow a few more gray hairs.

And then I think about the true appeal of the Switch, and that is its ability to suit the needs of its players and allow them to play it in anyway they prefer (or anywhere). Feel like laying on the couch and sinking 20 hours straight into Breath of the Wild? You can!! How about dragging it along with you on a long commute? It’ll be there for you! But if you make it 100% portable you’re stripping away 50% of its appeal! The whole lazing on the couch staring at a TV half! Well, actually for me, it may be a little more than that. Sure, I’ll undock it here and there, but I rarely take it on the go. At that point it turns into a, “maybe I’ll pick it up at some point, when it’s super cheap or if my kid begs me for it enough”, instead of it being a must buy and a true added value to my current console line up. Again, that’s just me talking. Your mileage may vary.

Now, if it just turns out that it’s a cheaper, slimmer, portable focused console where the only difference is that it doesn’t come packaged with a dock and some overpriced JoyCon, then that’s a different story! Because if I can dock it and sync it up with whatever controllers I already own, that adds a ton of value to my line up! I mean, I already have that stuff, and having a second Switch could open up some fun multiplayer doors! But then, that would only really appeal to people that already own all of these things! Otherwise, you’d have to shell out at minimum another $100+ on top of what you already paid for it, to play it on your TV.

Anyways, I think creating a new SKU for the Switch is a fantastic idea, and gives gamers more options when it comes to playing all those games from “the house that Mario built”. But doesn’t the original Switch already offer that? Is cheaper with less features really better? And how about the other rumored offering, the Switch Pro? The version that gives you everything the current Switch offers, but with more power! All great questions, and I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what Nintendo brings to the table!

One Hundred and Seventeen

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Making progress in Borderlands 2 AND speculations on portable Nintendo hardware? Phew!! Feature rich I tell ya, feature rich. Anyways, what I’m actually curious to hear about is your thoughts the Switch Mini, so leave a comment or tweet at me! Are you on board with a slimmer more portable Switch, content with what you have, or holding out for a more powerful piece of hardware? I need to know!!

Until tomorrow backloggers, have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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