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Many memories can be tied to the games we play, but what about the foods we eat while playing them?!

Game Foodies

Happy Thursday backloggers! Or in my case “Pat Friday”, because in the summer, every weekend is a three day weekend! And every Thursday has magically transformed into the last day of the week! I’m a lucky duck I know. My only response to the eye rolls, is that, if I had the power, I’d grant everyone four day work weeks. Though, I kinda like the peace and quiet, so I’d have to think about it.

Anyways, with all this free time I all of a sudden fell into, I’ve been catching up on some of the things I’ve been wanting to do, like my Backlog Review videos! But I’ve also been having other random gaming topics storming into my head through my ear holes and clouding my mind. One in particular, rose to the top though, one that combines two of my favorite things – eating and playing video games. And that, my friends, is food memories!! More specifically, weird foods and/or drinks that remind me of playing a game.

It’s funny, because with many games, I’m reminded of a particular time in my life, like playing ClayFighter 63 ⅓ on Halloween in the attic when I was a kid. Or staying up until sunrise, trying to make it to a save point in Xenogears before my parents woke up and caught me pulling an all-nighter! But occasionally, I’ll have a weird and vivid memory of eating, drinking or making a distinct dish that reminds me of playing a game.

So, for your entertainment and my sanity, I thought I’d cave into my cravings and talk a little bit about the 3 peculiar food + game combos that bubble to the surface for me!

Green Goop + British High Fantasy

Alright, the first one on the docket, is probably the strangest of the three, but like the others I’ll try to explain the circumstances that lead up to it! And that is pea soup, specifically ham and pea soup and the quirky high fantasy action RPG found on the Xbox 360, Fable 2.

You see, after my wife and I moved to the United States, we moved away from a lot of our family. Which included a lot of the delicious food we grew up with. Sure, we could try and replicate the recipes from memory, but nothing beats the real deal. Especially, my grandmother’s superb home cooking! So, naturally when my grandparents were finally able to visit us (a couple of years later), the first thing I requested was for my grandmother to make me her delectable ham and pea soup (one of my favs!).

This was around the same time my wife and I picked up our Xbox 360 and were already knee deep in Arse Faces, Chicken Chasers and Nobheads with Fable 2! Now, Fable 2 is a fantastic game in its own right, but every time I boot it up nowadays, I’m reminded of that hardy and green stew!

Dehydrated Gray Wardens

Next up is a combo that isn’t quite as odd as the previous selection, but probably a little more specific! And that’s the fiber packed raisin bread and the superb character creator, Dragon Age! So, in this instance, my wife and I were still getting used to living on our own in our first apartment. And one thing you’re never prepared for when you first venture out into the great unknown, is how much you miss the things your parents do for you. For my wife, that was always having her mother’s homemade bread. Now, at this point, it was a long while since we last had her mother’s bread, but I resolved that as soon as we had enough room, I’d buy a bread maker for her.

So that’s what I did. A super fancy one too! One that came with ability and recipes to make a wide variety of breads! Including one of my favorites, raisin bread. I have another story of why that’s my favorite, but I’ll just leave it at that. Anyways, around that time we were waist deep into a crazy marathon of trying to beat all the super long RPGs we missed, and at this point it was Dragon Age! I think we probably made a loaf of that stuff every other day for a solid month! And every time we made it, we’d pull up the chairs and immerse ourselves into the wonderful world of Dragon Age, savoring every story beat and every delicious bite of that bread.

Tree Nut + Spikey Headed Stick in the Mud

And finally, I have a combo that showcases both luck and bad decisions, coconut rum and the coveted Final Fantasy 7. Okay, first off, I’m sure you’re saying, “Well, that seems like a bad combo!”, and you’d be right, but hear me out, because I have a story to tell!! So, this was a time when my wife and I were still young, my wife wasn’t my wife yet, and booze were basically gold. You see, in Canada, at least where we’re from, alcohol goes for a premium. And as broke college students, we could barely afford renting a video game let along buying a $50 bottle of anything!

But one day, when browsing the liquor store (as you do), we came across a crazy blowout sale! One that took a bottle of coconut rum and reduced its price down to a price we could actually swallow. Naturally, we bought two bottles. Remember, liquor was basically gold to us. Little did we know, though, that the original price wasn’t the only thing that would have been hard to swallow!

So, now that we had two bottle in hand, we thought it would be fun to have a sleepover, where we built pillow tents, drank like royalty and played games. Yes, we were adults at the time. Well… legal drinking age anyway. The game? Final Fantasy 7, because up until that point, my wife hadn’t played it. The drink? Coconut rum and diet Pepsi. A drink for royalty in imagination only.

Needless to say, as the night wore on, we became less and less interested in the game and more and more disgusted with our choice of beverage. To this day, I still have an aversion to coconut in any form. And my wife, still can’t remember anything beyond Midgar in Final Fantasy 7.

118 calories in every sip of the “King’s Beverage”!

Well my friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I thought since it’s the last post of the week, I’d try something different and fun! So, do you have any food/drink + game memories? I’d love to hear about them!!

Until next week my dear backloggers, I hope you have a great weekend! And stay tuned for a new Backlog Review for The Coma: Recut coming your way hopefully really soon!!

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