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The Daily Backlog 123

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When you give a backlogger a week, he’ll play lots of games and buy them too! So, let’s ramble on about that!

From JRPG to Metroidvania to Stick Figures

Good day backloggers!!! After a week’s worth of relaxation and a whole boatload of time to get in as much gaming as I wanted. I thought it was about time to sit back, sip down this caffeinated bean juice and knock out the first Daily Backlog of July! It’s kind of weird saying that when we’re already a week in though. Anyways, let’s get right to some backlog updates and get all the “what I’ve been playing” off the counter. Mostly because if you give me a week, I’ll most certainly play some games and the odds are good that I’ll buy some too! 

So, first up, you may notice, once you get down to my “Now Playing” list, that Super Neptunia RPG is no longer there. Well, that’s because after sinking a good 5 or so hours into it, I started to realize it just wasn’t the type of game I was in the mood for. The fact that the combat was a little weird, the controls were a bit unresponsive and the quest structure was all over the place didn’t help either. But once I picked up Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, it was pretty much set in stone that it was going to be awhile before I got back into it. Not that I wasn’t having fun or anything, but the idea of slogging through a 20+ hour RPG that wasn’t setting MY world on fire, didn’t really appeal to me.

Then came West of Loathing. Which was kinda unexpected if I’m going to be perfectly honest. But, after deciding to try out a Let’s Play stream last week to fill out the content gap during my vacation, it turned out to be the perfect fit for a lazy summer stint. And thanks to this suggestion from good friend @MathMan1024, I am now addicted to its silly, western, stick figure antics! It’s funny because, West of Loathing is one of those games that I didn’t know I was in the mood for until I started playing it! I think what I like the most about it is how low key and easy it is to pick up and play. That and it’s wacky dialog, fun quests and surprisingly deep, yet simple stat juggling mechanics. Truthfully, I could fill up this entire post with ramblings about West of Loathing, but I’ll save all that for my review once I finish it!

Short of a few technical and audio mishaps, I thought the stream went relatively smoothly! And I’m thinking I’ll try and do another stream later this week. With maybe some Mega Man inspired games (I’m trying to avoid the word clone) this time around. Something like Metagal or Mighty No. 9. So, look out for those deets sometime today on Twitter!!

Three’s a Charm! Or Four or Five…

Aside from playing West of Loathing until the cows came home, the wife and I have been guzzling more of that sweet, sweet loot nectar with Borderlands 2. I know, we’ve been playing this game for over a month now, but we just can’t get enough of it! But, I am happy to say that we finally made it to our third and final (maybe) playthrough, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode!

Really, it’s still more of the same shenanigans, so I won’t go on too much about it, but now that we made it to the third playthrough, it’s really time to start trying to get all that cool gear we’ve been waiting for. That and tackle all of the DLC and sidequests we’ve been skipping. Including the brand new Commander Lilith campaign that just dropped a couple of weeks ago that’ll tie Borderlands 2 to Borderlands 3. Oh, and we may have already completed it! 

Next to the Tiny Tina DLC, I have to say it was probably one of my favorites included in Borderlands 2 and hopefully it should make the transition to 3 later this year a little easier. That and it introduced some pretty awesome and sparkly new gear with the inclusion of another rarity tier, effervescent! Though I will say there were still a few story beats the DLC referenced that apparently happened in the TellTale Games offshoot, Tales from the Borderlands, so we’ll probably have to play that too before we jump into 3.

Ro… Roo… I can’t even say it…

Finally, that last game my family and I have been selling our souls to over the past week is… Roblox. Which I may or may not have a slight aversion to. But, I know that my son absolutely adores this game, so I can’t help but humor him from time to time. Only this time around, he happened to stumble upon a game that actually made me ask him if he’d like to play! And that’s a little game called Infinity RPG. 

Infinity RPG, is a super simple and grindy RPG-esque game where all you really do is endlessly fight enemies, level up and gain new and more powerful swords/armor. Then, you rinse and repeat. At first glance, the grind seems ridiculous with the max level you can reach being something like 70 million, but as you play it, it’s weirdly addicting. You find yourself wanting to grind out a few more levels so you can see what the next set of gear is like and what types of enemies you’ll encounter in the new area. I honestly can’t believe such words are coming out of my mouth (or finger tips in this case). 

But the other thing that makes playing this so fun, is seeing how proud my son is when he reaches new levels! That and how into helping my wife and I defeat new bosses he is. You know, the ones that may be slightly out of our reach. He’s a good two or three times more powerful than us at this point and laughs maniacally as he melts their HP away and then graciously lets us get in the last hit. Like I said, it’s a simple rendition of an RPG with a ton of grinding, but the fact that my son gets so much enjoyment out of playing it with my wife and I, makes playing Roblox a little more tolerable.

A one and a two and a three

Well my friends, I think that’ll do it for today! Lots to talk about, but it feels good to write something again! I also had a few pickups during my vacation, but I think I’ll save talking about those for tomorrow.

Until next time folks, have a great rest of your day!!!

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