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The Daily Backlog 124

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So, I’ve already added the games to my backlog… let’s talk about them so I feel better about it!

All in a Good Day’s Backlog

Good day backloggers!! Sometimes, as a general purpose backlogger, one needs to not only decrease their backlog, but also bring equilibrium to said backlog by undoing all the work you did! But what’s the easiest way to do that? Buying more games, that’s what! So that’s what I did. It wasn’t just a single game either, it was a grand total of four!

But instead of just listing them off and calling it a day. I thought it could be fun to give you a little context as to WHY I picked each game up and what it is about them that intrigues me and excites me the most! 

Sticks and Figures

First to get my backloggin’ juices flowing was the silly and surprisingly deep, West of Loathing. Now, I’ve heard nothing but high praises regarding this game before I ever considered buying it. But after reading up on it and purely judging it by its aesthetics, I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up. I typically stay away from comedy-centric games, for reasons unknown even to me. Maybe I’m just worried the jokes will be lost on me or that it would be the type of comedy only those Monty Python fans out there seem to get. Not that there’s anything wrong with Monty Python, it’s just not for me.

Lucky for me though, after some gentle coercing, I picked it up so I could play it on a stream last week, and it turned out to be the right kind of silly! Anyways, it was a bit of a roundabout way to get here, but now that I’m on the final stretch of the game, I’m really glad I gave it a chance. And that’s why I love doing this! I love finding those hidden gems I may not have played otherwise if it weren’t for your suggestions!

Mega Woman

Next up is a game that I picked up more out of curiosity than actual desire to play it. And that’s the Mega Man inspired and gender swapped Metagal! Now as you may or may not know, I’m a big Mega Man fan, so I’m always up for trying out those games that try to top it. But the blue bomber is not an easy lad to top. Even if you’re the father of the series.

But Metagal seemed to have the aesthetics going for it, and it’s art style was on point. Though maybe a little less refined than what you’d find coming out of Capcom. Regardless, it’s the gameplay that really counts in a game like this. Unfortunately, from what I’ve played so far, it doesn’t seem to have that going for it either. But, I’ll hold my judgement until I’ve actually played through it. It couldn’t be any worse than Mighty No. 9 right?


The last and final two on my list are on here for similar reasons, so I thought I’d group them together, instead of repeating myself! And those are Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Timespinner.

Now, Ritual of the Night was one of those games, as a Symphony of the Night fan or at least that style of Castlevania, that I’ve been watching since it’s time on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, I could never bring myself to pull the trigger and back the project there, but the second it was released, I picked that sucker up! Honestly, all I really wanted was to relive the PS1 Castlevania glory days and farm experience in the castle entrance until my hearts content. But what really solidified my decision to pick this up was playing it’s excellent prequel, Curse of the Moon. I knew if the devs put that much time, effort and love into bringing us a top notch ode to the classic NES era Castlevanias, then they would have to set the bar even higher for their primary release right?? I’ve only tested it for a few minutes so far, but I can tell you that it seems to be hitting all those notes I was looking for!

And then there was Timespinner. Which I was actually inspired to pick up because of Bloodstained. I mean, I’ve had my eye on Timespinner for a while now, knowing that it was another platformer that borrowed from the Symphony of the Night formula. So, I was probably going to buy it anyway. But after picking up Bloodstained, I got the idea in my head that it could be fun to do a comparison of the three games. That is, Bloodstained: RotN, Timespinner and the game that started it all, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Timespinner already has a leg up with its fantastically detailed pixel art and its smooth as butter animations. Not to mention its unique time manipulating mechanics!

Needless to say, I’m pretty dang excited for a Metroidvania marathon, and I can’t wait to talk about it! Oh and I’m sure by the time I make it to Symphony of the Night, this little shindig of mine will prompt me to pick up that Castlevania Requiem collection on the PS4 that comes with both Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Believe you me, I’m not disappointed in that prospect in the slightest!

That Number That Follows That Last Number

Well my friends, I think I’m going to call it for the day!! Not a ton of games added to the backlog, and certainly no fancy physical box arts to show off, but I think each of the additions should add a lot of value to my collection! I’m super excited to dive into each of them! For one, to knock that backlogged games number down a few pegs again!

Until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your Tuesday!!

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