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The Daily Backlog 128

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I ruminate on how subscription based game services affect my backlog, and how I plan on tackling it!

The Subscriber’s Backlog

Good day backloggers!! Since I’m still neck deep in Bloodstain: Ritual of the Night, which I’m loving by the way, and I don’t have too much more than that to report back on at the moment. I thought I’d quickly ramble on about something completely different, though still gaming related! Mostly because I’m dying to finish working on the next Backlog Review! Oh, there is one thing I want to mention before I move on though, and that’s that I FINALLY GOT THE DOUBLE JUMP! I guess I should say that it was in Bloodstained. You know for context and stuff. Now I’m completely overwhelmed with exploration possibilities! I’m done now, I promise.

Anyways, that other topic I wanted to quickly discuss, is the whole effect that these subscription services have on my backlog. Things like Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold, PlayStation Plus and even Nintendo’s own Nintendo Online. All great services that give many of us access to some fantastic games at a relatively low cost of entry. The only problem is, as someone who’s trying to tackle their mountainous backlog, how do I handle the constant influx of games being added to my library.

For a time, I really just ignored it and excluded any games I got from those services from my backlog. Mostly because I didn’t actually own them. I mean, once you unsubscribe you lose access to them. That’s why, a few months ago, I canceled my Game Pass subscription. It wasn’t really being used and it only gave me access to games that I may play, but would just feel guilty about playing because I should be focusing on the games I actually own.

A Renewed Term

However, after Microsoft’s recent push for their new “all-in-one” service Game Pass Ultimate, which rolls up their Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass and PC Game Pass services into one tidy package, I thought I’d dip my toes in again to see how it was. Especially since I was able to opt in for next to nothing. And now, after a month in, I’m starting to see the value in these services again. Purely as a backlogger I might add. Because if you’re not concerned about trimming down your backlog, this is without a doubt, a fantastic service.

Now I’m starting to look at all these “free” games in a different light. Not as a way to hinder my backlog bustin’ progress, but as a way for me to test out games guilt free and introduce myself to things I may not have otherwise played. Especially when it comes to my son. I mean, he’s even more finicky then me, and it’s great just letting him carefully pick through what’s available and let him choose out whatever he wants. Honestly, we probably wouldn’t have even tried out the likes of Riverbond or Super Lucky’s Tale, among others if we didn’t have such a thing and all of those turned out to be super fun. 

When it comes to completing games, I think I’ll still add those to my completed list as well. They may not be on my backlog, and it doesn’t really affect my numbers in that sense. But it makes me feel good seeing that completed list increase in size. That and it gives me something to talk about! Not to mention, I can’t really complain about backloggin’ completely free from consequence!

The 128th Day of Backlog

Well my friends, that’ll do it for today. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, we set weird limits on ourselves when it comes to gaming and backlogging. Although it’s fun to come up with rules to challenge yourself, giving yourself the freedom to enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours is always the best approach. 

So, how do you all handle game subscription services when it comes to your backlog? Do you count them? Or are they just something to distract yourself from the looming pile of games that overshadow your game room? I needs to know!!!

And until tomorrow folks, have a great rest of your Tuesday.

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